102 Inch Stainless Steel CB Whip Antenna

102 Inch Stainless Steel CB Whip Antenna



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A 102 inch CB whip antenna is the best antenna you can choose for a vehicle application.   A 102 inch whip is the closest you can get to a true 1/4 wave antenna.  A true 1/4 CB antenn will resonate better than other antennas on the CB band. 

In addition, this antenna is made from quality 17-7 stainless steel.  It resists bending and kinking.  This antenna can be bent to touch tip to base and will spring right back.  

  • 17-7 stainless steel
  • 102 inches (8.5 feet) long
  • 3/8" x 24 threaded base
  • True 1/4 wave CB antenna

Installation notes:

  • This CB whip antenna is often mounted with a barrell spring.
  • You will want to use a very sturdy mount for this antenna
  • Adjustments are usually not needed for this antenna, but checking the SWR is still advised. 




  • 8.5 Ft.
  • 3/8 inch x 24


Superb antenna! Have had it on my car for several months now, and it is still like new! Did't even need to try to adjust it for SWR. Great antenna! Thank you CB World!

It arrived safely, despite the decrepit condition of the shipping tube. Good sturdy antenna. It picks up signal really good too. Didn't need any tuning.

Very sturdy and arrived quick as advertised. First one was damaged by the shipper. A replacement was quickly sent out. Awesome customer service.

Antenna is as advertised. Good quality and holding up well.

Excellent product it was exactly was was decribed...