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12 Volt Power Supply

A CB radio can be connected to a 12 volt power supply for use outside a vehicle for testing, or to use the radio as a base station.  12 volt power supplies plug into a standard 110 volt AC wall plug.  They convert that into 13.8V (commonly known as 12 volt).  Typcially they either have positive and negative posts to connect your radio, but some also have a "cigarette lighter" plug.  A CB radio outputting 4 watts will not need a power supply larger than 5 amp.  We carry larger and smaller power supplies for other applications.


The PS52K power supply from Pyramid is ideal for powering all 12V DC electronics. The PS52K is just the right size for any home or shop featuring a heavy duty rack mountable cabinet that can also be setup on a workbench. Versatile, and powerful the PS52K has plenty of circuit protection for your valuable electronics. Perform your own repairs or equipment test and run your own ham shack with the confidence that a regulated linear power supply will bring to your hobby bench.

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Powers 6~15V DC Devices such as Cellular Phones, CB Radios, Scanners, HAM Radios, Auto-Sound Systems. Perfect for the Home, Shop or Hobbyist....
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The ability to apply power to a low current 12 Volt device for the safety and security of your workbench can be priceless. Pyramid’s Gold Series are available in multiple amp ratings and feature a cigarette lighter plug or screw terminal connectors for hooking up electronics to 115 Volt AC power. Free shipping for Pyramid power supplies is available from CB World.

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Power for the hobbyist or professional electronics troubleshooter. 110 to 12 volt power for cell phones, CB, ham, 10 meter radios, and scanners. Surge protected circuit with electronic overload and auto reset the Pyramid 12 volt power supply provides power where you need most. Now it’s easy to test your car stereo on the workbench with a Pyramid power supply.