Power cord with bare leads

AUCB91/P - CB Radio Power Cord

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This 3 pin CB radio power cord is compatible with most Cobra, Uniden, Galaxy, and Midland radios. It includes 5 feet of 16 gauge wire and an inline 5 amp fuse. The cable ends in bare leads for connecting directly to the power source or a 12 volt power plug (cigarette lighter plug) for plugging into a 12 volt socket in your vehicle or power supply. The inline fuse for the 12 volt plug version is inside the plug. It can be accessed by unscrewing the tip of the plug.

Installation notes:

Installation of one of these power cords is pretty straightforward. The 3 pin female plug can only be plugged into the radio one way, so you can't get it backwards. If you are finding that you have to force the plug, there is something wrong and you should contact us for technical support. The version of the cord with bare leads can be connected through your vehicle's fuse box. The red lead connects to an accessory 12 volt fuse. The black lead goes to ground. For the cord with the 12 volt plug, simply plug it into a 12 volt power outlet.


  • 5 foot power cord
  • Inline fuse
  • Available with 12 volt plug or bare leads
  • Compatible with most Cobra, Uniden, Galaxy, and Midland radios
Great product, perfect fit for my older CB. Fast delivery time
Works great on my Corba 148.
Good sturdy replacement power cord. Should last as long as the radio.
Very good product more than fair price
This was the exact cb power cord I needed for my Cobra 29. It fit the radio perfectly and let me plug the radio in a 12 volt plug in my truck. Good quality and great price!
Just as described and fit my Cobra 29LTD Classic perfectly Thanks
Simple product. Nice long heavy duty cord. Even fit my OLD Midland radio from the 80's.
it fit my 29 LTD classic perfectly, thank you for your service, if i need any other cb radio accessories ill be sure to check here first, thanks again.
Beefy cord - heavier than stock. This cord fits most modern CB's including Grant XL, Cobra 148, etc. Recommended!
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