Antennas For Handheld CB Radios

SA2 24-Inch Flexible Extended Range Antenna

Model: SA2

Rubber Duck / BNC

This 2 foot CB antenna will improve the range of your handheld CB radio.  It connects easily to any CB with a BNC connector.

Cobra HATA Telescoping CB Antenna for Handheld Radios

Model: HATA

Cobra / Telescoping / BNC

  Telescopes to 27" 9" collapsed Doubles the normal Rubber antenna range Terminates in a BNC connector to be Compatible with: Cobra... More 

Midland CB11 Loaded Flexible Rubber Antenna for 75 Series CB Radios

Model: CB11


9 3/4" black flexible rubber antenna comes with two sleeves on a card. Designed for use with Midland CB radios 75-790 75-719 75-764B... More 

SA1 9.5-Inch Hand Held CB Antenna

Model: SA1

Rubber Duck / BNC

This 27MHz antenna will work with any hand held CB radio with BNC connector. This can be used in place of WTA-2W for HCB10C and HCB30C radios.