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Antennas For Handheld CB Radios

All the current model handheld CB radios we stock use the same type of antenna with a BNC connector. A BNC connector is the type that you push down and twist to attach. We carry 3 types of replacements for handheld antennas. The SA1 is a 9.5 inch flexible rubber antenna similar to the antenna that ships with most handheld CB's. The SA2 is a similar antenna, only longer at 2 ft. This antenna will give your handheld a little more range. The Cobra HATA antenna is a 27 inch telescoping antenna. It is not flexible like the other two, but gives you the ability to collapse the antenna for storage.

In addition to these antennas, an external antenna can be connected to a handheld CB radio. Any properly set up CB antenna will connect to, and work with, a handheld radio with the proper adapter. The most common Mobile CB antenna connection is a PL259. This can be adapted for a handheld CB with an AR3 adapter.

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