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7.5 Foot Microphone Cable with Strain Relief

Astatic P417620400 - Microphone Cable With Strain Relief

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The Astatic Microphone Cable with Strain Relief is a replacement CB Microphone accessory for someone who likes to "do it yourself" that desires a longer (7 ½ foot) coiled cable for their CB or similar type radio. The strain relief assists in preventing “pulled out cord” syndrome on your handheld microphone. Ready to be wired to your microphone and plug connector. Designed for Astatic models 557, D104, and M6 mics. Can be wired for most 6 wire microphones. Astatic world famous radio mics preferred by professional drivers who use their CBs day in and day out.

Product Features

  • 7.5 foot coiled cord
  • 6 wire cord
  • Heavy duty strain relief on microphone end
  • No plugs on either end
  • No plugs included
Appears to be a quality cord, but the description led me to believe it was going to be as long or longer than the current Astatic cords on my current Astatic is about 4 to 5 coils shorter than the one on my D104-M6B. The comparison I made is in the coiled not stretched position, and the diameter of the cord is smaller so it may play out correct when stretched.
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