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AUF1-L Stainless Steel Hood Channel Antenna Mount for Ford F150 1997-1999

Kalibur KF1-L - CB Antenna Hood Mount Ford F150 1997 - 2007

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The KF1-L Stainless Steel hood channel antenna mount from Accessories Unlimited is specifically designed to fit Ford F150 pickups and Ford Expeditions 1997-2007 model years.

The KF1-L CB antenna hood mount was designed for Ford F150’s starting in 1997. The mount installs using existing bolts on the fender of your Ford F150. The KF1-L will work with 1997- 2007 F150's or Ford Expedition without requiring drilling into the body of your truck.

The KF1-L mount is easy to install, securely holds the tallest CB antennas, and is built for a lifetime of rugged use. The KF1-L is an all stainless steel antenna mount built for weatherproof year round use without rust. A lug ring terminal antenna stud mount is included with the KF1-L mount. This makes it easy to keep the end of the antenna coax clear of the fender on your Ford truck or SUV.

Additional mounting screws are not included with the KF1-L and require separate purchase if they are needed for your individual antenna mounting application.


The KF1-L is a sturdy antenna mount that can hold up to 5 foot antennas safely. For 4 and 5 foot antennas we recommend attaching the mount with multiple bolts or screws for additional support. The KF1-L mount accepts 3/8 x 24 threaded CB antennas. A CB antenna springis recommended for use with the KF1-L mount.


A CB coax with lug connectors(hoop connectors) is recommended for use with the KF1-L mount. For an even easier install, we recommend using this Firestik CB antenna coax.

Product Features

  • Designed for 1997-2007 Ford F150s
  • Stainless Steel
  • No Holes to Drill
  • 3/8 x 24 threaded stud included
  • Holds antennas up to 5 feet tall

CB Antenna Mount

Mount Type:
Hood/Fender Mount
Thread Type:
3/4" Hole
Vehicle: 2008 Ford F150
Pro's: Easy installation, secure mounting, sturdy construction.
Con's: Minor rubbing issue when opening and closing the hood, solved with a hammer and vise/anvil.This hood/fender mount is exactly what I've been looking for. This mount attaches to the fender, under the lip of the hood, with the most rear bolt on the drivers side, before the hood support . It uses an 8mm socket/wrench. It says it's a no drill mount, but, I opted to add an additional bolt in the other hole for added strength. I also added some cushioning pads to the mount where it could rub against any painted areas. It's not real necessary since there's about a 1/8" gap between the mount and body/hood. I coupled this mount with CB World's SS34AM - combo SS med duty spring and stud mount to support a 2' fiberglass whip. I use this mount/antenna for my scanner. You can opt to use another stud to connect a PL259 directly, but you might have rubbing issues. I just modified the coax I already had and attached ring terminals via solder and heat shrink tubing. I also ran the coax into the cab via the hood release cable grommet located under the coolant fill/overflow tank.
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