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An SWR meter is an essential tool for installing a CB radio and antenna. It allows you to tune your antenna, which is adjusting the length of the antenna for optimum performance. This not only gives you the best range but it can also prevent damage to your radio.

The AUSWR from Accessories Unlimited is our most popular SWR meter. It includes a 3 foot coax jumper, for connecting the meter to your radio and antenna, as well as detail instructions for tuning your CB antenna. You can find similar instructions in our guide for tuning a CB antenna. This basic SWR meter does its job well and accurate. It measures 3 7/8" W x 2 1/4" H x 2 1/8" D.

Easy to use meter had no problem tuning my 4ft firstick antenna. Great company to order from fast and very customer friendly the place to go for radio accessories. Very fast service.
Great SWR meter. Very easy to use, good instructions, and seems to work well. Checked and adjusted SWR on two antennas just fine. Good buy because it includes a jumper cable.
This is a great SWR Meter, works very well and you can't beat that it comes with the Jumper cable!Used this to properly tune my 4' Firestik with tunable tip. Very much worth the money.
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