AUVS26 Velcro Strips

AUVS26 Velcro Strips

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Since 1999 Accessories Unlimited (AU) has manufactured high quality CB radio accessories. AU offers unique and innovative products for the Two-way radio enthusiast.

Accessories Unlimited (AU) AUVS26 Velcro Strips is a truly great idea. Combine the peel and stick anchoring power of Velcro strips in the perfect 2 x 6 inch and you’ve got a do it all fastener.

If you are needing a less than permanent mounting method these 2 inch x 6 inch Velcro strips have an adhesive side that allows you to stick them to two surfaces that can then be joined by the Velcro. This is a good dash mounting alternative for CB radios, where drilling is not preferred, but a heat resistant bond is necessary.

AUXV26 Velcro strips provide a simple peel and stick installation for heavy duty applications. Friendly to use, won’t come loose easily - even when exposed to high temperatures such as often found inside automobile interiors, Velcro strips from AU. A simply friendly adhesive.

Product features

  • One heavy duty hook and loop strip per pack
  • 2 inch x 6 inch
  • Two surface adhesion
  • Super strong


Worked perfect. Customer service was great. Would definatly order from CB world again.
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