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Base Station CB Radios

There are not many CB base stations for sale these days. In decades past there were plenty of options if you needed to have a fixed location radio for your shipping office or management trailer to keep in touch with drivers and heavy machinery operators, or even your shed or garage for shooting skip. Unfortunately demand for this type of radio has dropped off over the years to the point where it is no longer a profitable avenue for most manufacturers. We do carry the Galaxy DX2547 base CB radio, which is a good product to consider if you are in need of a base station unit.

The only alternative is to use a mobile CB radio connected to a 12 volt power supply. While is is a perfectly good solution, it isn't quite a neat and contained as a true base station home CB radio.

We also have everything you need for connecting an antenna to your radio from the base antenna to the coax. If you are going with the DX2547 you won't need an SWR meter.  It has on built right in!

Be sure to check out our guide to CB radio installation in order to get expert advice on installing your base CB.


This is one of the few base station CB radios still being manfacturered.  This radio is intened for fixed, location use.  Unlike mobile CB raidios, this unit operates on 110V electricity. 

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