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CB Antenna Accessories

Your CB antenna is the most important component in your CB radio installation. We have a huge selection of CB antenna accessories to help you get your antenna installed, tuned, and ready to handle the elements. When it comes to mounts, no one has more options than CB World! Many of the options don't even require drilling or otherwise modifying your vehicle.

If you are just looking for the essentials, you will need a mount, coax, and an SWR meter for your antenna. It is important to remember to make sure that your coax has the right connectors for your mount. Most of our antennas and accessories are threaded either 3/8" x 24 or NMO. It should be clear from the picture and/or description which they are. If you have any doubts or questions, please let us know! And always remember to tune your CB antenna! If you don't have an SWR meter, we carry several brands.

We also have all the optional components you may need, including springs, quick disconnects, and replacement parts like ferrules, whips, and set screws. If you would like more advice, please see our guide to choosing the best CB antenna for your specific needs.