CB Antenna Mounts

Maxrad BMA NMO Mount with 17 Feet Coax

Model: BMA


3/8" or 3/4" hole 1 1/8" -18 thread Installs from above Can be used for metal thickness up to 1/8" With 17' RG58U coax and solder PL259... More 

Hood Channel Jeep CB Antenna Mount Kit

Model: MKJ4R


For 1997 to 2006 Jeep Wranglers Front Fender Mount (Left or Right) All Stainless Steel Construction Uses Standard 3/8' x 24 Threaded Antennas... More 

FireStik SS294A Pickup Truck Stake Hole CB Antenna Mount

Model: SS294A


This stake hole mount will fit most pickup trucks.  It allows you to mount a CB antenna in the stake hole pockets along the bed of your truck, running the cable out of the bottom of the pocket.

90 Degree Side CB Antenna Mount

Model: KSM4

Accessories Unlimited

This stainless steel CB antenna mount will bolt to any flat vertical surface.  Use of U-bolts (not included) will allow mounting to horizontal or vertical posts. 

FireStik K64A Plated CB Antenna Mirror Mount

Model: K64A

FireStik / 3 Way Mount

CB antenna mirror mounts, also known as 3 way mounts are versitile mounts with multiple applications.  The back plate on the mount can be turned for... More 

Spare Tire CB Antenna Mount for Jeeps

Model: AUJ2K

$49.95   $39.99
Accessories Unlimited

This mount was designed specifically to fit the spare tire rack for Jeeps.  The coax has a removeable PL259 connector for easy cable routing.  Uses existing bolts on the Jeep.  No drilling required!

Hood CB Antenna Mount for Ford F150 F250 F350

Model: KF2-L

Accessories Unlimited

This fender mount was specifically designed for 1999-2009 Ford F series trucks.  Constructed from high quality stainless steel, this mount can be installed using existing bolts under the hood. 

Hood CB Antenna Mount for GMC Chevy

Model: KAVAL

Accessories Unlimited

This fender mount was designed for Chevy pickups and SUV's.  This mount is constructed from quality stainless steel and includes a 3/8" x 24 threaded stud for mouting CB antennas. 

FireStik K48R FireRing Coax with K4 Stud

Model: K48R9


This CB coax and antenna stud kit will allow any 3/8" x 24 threaded antenna to be mounted to any flat surface with a 1/2 inch hole in it.  The cable is available in 9 and 18 foot lengths. 

AUBALL Ball CB Antenna Mount


Accessories Unlimited

This is our most popular CB antenna ball mount.  This versitile type of mout allows you to mount an antenna to any flat surface.  The ball rotates 360 degrees to adjust for any angle of the mouting surface.  This mount requires you to drill holes in the mounting surface.

Hustler SSM-1 Professional Ball Mount And Spring

Model: SSM1


This is a heavy duty ball mount and spring combo best suited for larger antennas like the 102" steel whips or 5 foot fiberglass antennas. 

Pickup Stake Hole CB Antenna Mount Kit

Model: MK294R


This kit includes 18 feet of high quality coax and a stake hole mount.  The mount installs in the stake hole pockets on the bed of a pickup with the coax attaching to the top of the mount.

FireStik K4 Stud mount

Model: K4X


This is a basic stud mount.  CB antenna studs are included with most of our 3/8" x 24 mounts.  If you already have a mount, L-bracket or tab with a 1/2" hole, you may need to purchase this stud to attach your antenna.


FireStik SS194 Stake Hole CB Antenna Mount

Model: SS194

FireStik / Stake Hole Mount

This stake hole mount attaches to any stake hole on the bed of your pickup, extending away from the vehicle so a camper or canopy can be installed as well.

Short Hood Channel CB Antenna Mount

Model: KSB2

Accessories Unlimited

This fender mount is a universal solution for vehicles with no specific CB antenna mount made for them.  This mount will only work on vehicles with a vertical channel between the fender and hood with no turns. 

Teraflex CB Antenna Mount for Jeep

Model: 1912091


This specialized CB antenna mount installs under the tail light of many Jeep Wrangler models.  The simple installation and impressive finished look of this mount make it very popular with Jeep owners. 

Fender CB Antenna Mount for 2010 and Newer Chevy Trucks

Model: AUGM3-L

Accessories Unlimited

This fender mount was designed for newer Chevy pickups, 2010 - 2013.  It also fits some Toyota Tacoma pickups.  No drilling required on compatible pickups.  Includes CB antenna stud.

Teraflex 4997190 JK Jeep Wrangler CB Antenna Tire Rack Mount Kit

Model: 4997190CBWKIT


Easily mount a CB antenna to your JK Wrangler tire rack.  This kit combines the Teraflex tire rack mount with an 18 foot CB antenna coax with removable... More 

Short Hood Mount Kit for CB Antenna

Model: AUC11K

Accessories Unlimited

Tall hood mount with 18 foot coax cable and EZ on PL259 connectors. This tall fender mount is for deep groove mounting in full size pickups and cars. ... More 

FireStik M2 Molded Side Mount

Model: M2


This molded side mount will hold antennas up to 3 feet long (or 4 feet for lighter antennas)  The design of this mount allows the coax to attach inside the mounting surface, making it eaiser to run coax in a vehicle. 

FireStik SSJ4 Jeep Wrangler Fender CB Antenna Mounts

Model: SSJ4


This fender mount was designed specifically for Jeep Wranglers.  It is constructed from stainless steel and will require drilling holes to install.  It mounts on the driver side or passenger side of the vehicle.

NMO CB Antenna Fender Mount

Model: KCOMM1


This universal fender mount is constructed from durable stainless steel.  It has a 3/4" hole for NMO mounts and antennas.  4 mounting screws... More 

FireStik MKM2 Molded Side Mount CB Antenna Kit

Model: MKM2

FireStik / Side Mount

This side mount CB antenna kit is perfect for vehicle or RV installations.  The coax attaches on the inside of the mounting surface, making it easier to route.

Tall Hood CB Antenna Mount with Coax Cable

Model: AUC10K

Accessories Unlimited

Tall hood mount with 18 foot coax cable and EZ on PL259 connectors. This tall fender mount is for deep groove mounting in full size pickups and cars. ... More