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CB Antenna Mounts

Whether you already know exactly which mount you need, or you are just trying to figure out where to start, we can help!  CB World carries hundreds of antenna mounts from manufacturers like Firestik, Teraflex, Accessories Unlimited and more. When it comes to mounting a CB antenna, no one gives you more options than CB World!

If you have an idea of what CB antenna mount you want you can narrow your search with the filters to the right, or search by make, model, description, etc in the search box above.

If you are just getting started you can find more info on choosing a CB antenna here.

The placement of your antenna affects the SWR, the radiation pattern, and the height clearance of your vehicle. The ideal location for your antenna is in the center of the roof of your vehicle. Since this usually doesn't work for most people, here are some important things to remember when choosing a mount:

  • You want as much metal as evenly spaced around the base of the antenna mount as possible
  • You want the CB antenna as high up on the vehicle as possible.
  • You want the antenna vertical (straight up and down)
  • You don't want the antenna mounted where is will break off too easily

If you’re tired of cheaper aluminum “bird perch” style CB antenna mounts bending and twisting on your Cascadia truck while you head down the highway, replace them with the Accessories Unlimited MMCAS mounts. The MMCAS CB antenna mirror mount is a solid one piece design that is built to stand tall last. The MMCAS preserves the streamlined look and aerodynamics of your big rig, while providing secure anchors for your all-important CB radio antennas.

Accessories Unlimited providing functional performance that just looks good.

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