CB Antenna

Maxrad BMA NMO Mount with 17 Feet Coax

Model: BMA


3/8" or 3/4" hole 1 1/8" -18 thread Installs from above Can be used for metal thickness up to 1/8" With 17' RG58U coax and solder PL259... More 


Model: AUSWR

Accessories Unlimited

An SWR meter is an essential tool for tuning your CB antenna.  This is our most popular meter.  It comes with a 3 foot coax for connecting it in line between your radio and antenna.  Instructions for tuning any CB antenna are included.

Astatic600 SWR Power & Modulation Meter

Model: ASTATIC600


If you want to step up from a basic SWR meter, consider this 3 meter high-watt meter from Astatic.  It features 3 easy to read meters (SWR, power, and... More 

FireStik II FS Tunable Tip CB Antennas

Model: FS2-B

FireStik / 2, 3, 4, 5 Ft. / Fiberglass / 3/8 inch x 24

The Firestik FS II tuneable tip CB antenna is one of the most popular antennas available today.  These high quality fiberglass CB antennas are made in the USA.  They have several options for color and length.  With the bare hands tuneable tip, tuning the antenna is a snap!

102 Inch Stainless Steel CB Whip Antenna

Model: IC56

Hustler / 8.5 Ft. / Whip / 3/8 inch x 24

This 8.5 foot stainless steel CB antenna whip is the perfect antenna if you are serious about performance.  When paired with an 18 foot coax, this antenna is the ideal length for CB. 

FireStik FireFly Tuneable Tip CB Antenna

Model: FL4-R

FireStik / 3, 4 Ft. / Fiberglass / 3/8 inch x 24

This lightweight version of the FS II CB antenna from Firestik offers similar performance in a lighter package.  A thinner fiberglass core, and lighter guage wire make these antennas thinner and more flexible .

Larsen QCONE125 Chrome Q cone Q base QuarterWave antenna for LM or LA

Model: QCONE125


CHROME Q cone Chrome "Q" base 1/4 wave antenna for LM or LA style mounts, 136-512 MHz .125 diameter    "Q" general information:... More 

AUSS3H Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Spring

Model: AUSS3H

Accessories Unlimited

These heavy duty stainless steel springs are designed for use with any 3/8 x 24 threaded CB antenna up to 5 feet tall.  For 2 foot CB antennas, or... More 

FireStik SS3H Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Springs

Model: SS3H


This optional CB antenna spring will help protect your antenna from overhead branches and other obstructions.  When an antenna strikes objects the spring absorbs the shock, allowing the antenna to flex and get under it without breaking.


Hood Channel Jeep CB Antenna Mount Kit

Model: MKJ4R


For 1997 to 2006 Jeep Wranglers Front Fender Mount (Left or Right) All Stainless Steel Construction Uses Standard 3/8' x 24 Threaded Antennas... More 

AU480 Four Foot Tuneable CB Antenna

Model: AU480

Accessories Unlimited / Fiberglass / 3/8 inch x 24

This 4 foot tunable tip CB antenna is comparable to Firestik FS and Wilson fiberglass antennas.  The four food fiberglass core is wound with copper... More 

Francis Hot Rod Fiberglass CB Antennas

Model: CB22-W

Francis / 3, 4, 4.5, 5.5 Ft. / Fiberglass / 3/8 inch x 24

The Hot Rod antenna by Francis is a Double Quarter Wave CB antenna tuned for maximum performance. Features Multi-conducting elements... More 

Original KW FireStik CB Antenna

Model: KW2-B

FireStik / 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 Ft. / Fiberglass / 3/8 inch x 24

The KW is Firestik's original CB antennna.  This is a great, high quality antenna.  For most applications, we recommend the FS series antennas, which are much easier to tune. 

Wilson Little Will Magnetic CB Antenna


Wilson Antenna / 3 Ft. / Whip / Magnet Mount

This smaller magnet mount CB antenna is a great option for vehicles with no permanent mount options available.  This is also a good option when you simply do not want a permanently mounted antenna.

FireStik SS294A Pickup Truck Stake Hole CB Antenna Mount

Model: SS294A


This stake hole mount will fit most pickup trucks.  It allows you to mount a CB antenna in the stake hole pockets along the bed of your truck, running the cable out of the bottom of the pocket.

FireStik Dual FS CB Antenna Kit

Model: FS364A9A-B

FireStik / 3, 4 Ft. / Fiberglass / 3 Way Mount

This dual antenna kit comes with two FS series Firestik CB antennas, mounts and springs for both antennas, and a cable to connect both antennas to your CB radio.  The mounts are designed for horizontal or vetical posts, or flat vertical surface mounting.  This is a versatile option for a dual CB antenna system. 

FireStik MU8R Single Antenna CB Coax

Model: MU8R9


This CB coax is sturdier, more weather resistant, and easier to install than traditional CB coax.  The removable PL259 makes routing the cable a snap, and the Firestik FireRing connector makes attaching the cable to your mount easy as well!

Kalibur K101X CB Antenna Steel Whip Tie Down

Model: K101X


This hard to find fastener allows longer whip antennas to be fastened down when not in used.  Constructed from high quality plastic and steel.

Firestik NGP CB Antenna Kit

Model: FG2648-B

FireStik / 2, 3, 4 Ft. / Fiberglass / 3 Way Mount

This no ground plane CB antenna kit includes a 3 way mount, spring, and coax.  This is everything you need to mount an antenna on a vehicle with an insufficient ground plane except the radio!


Astatic PDC2 SWR RF Field Strength Test Meter

Model: PDC2


This meter from Astatic combines a power meter with an SWR meter into one device.  An SWR meteer is essential to tune your CB Antenna. 

SA2 24-Inch Flexible Extended Range Antenna

Model: SA2

Rubber Duck / BNC

This 2 foot CB antenna will improve the range of your handheld CB radio.  It connects easily to any CB with a BNC connector.

90 Degree Side CB Antenna Mount

Model: KSM4

Accessories Unlimited

This stainless steel CB antenna mount will bolt to any flat vertical surface.  Use of U-bolts (not included) will allow mounting to horizontal or vertical posts. 

Wilson 5000 Base Loaded Magnetic Antenna

Model: W5000MAG-B

Wilson Antenna / 5.5 Ft. / Whip / Magnet Mount

Wilson magnetic mount CB antennas are widely regarded as the best magnetic mount antennas available on the market today.  The 5000 magnet mount is Wilson's largest and best performing magnet mount antenna.

Procomm Patriot 12 Foot CB Base Antenna


Procomm / Base / Mast Mount

This popular base station CB antenna can be adjusted for 10 or 12 meter.  Simple installation and great performance make this antenna a favorite for stationary radio setups.