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CB Antennas

When choosing a CB antenna is essential to know that this is the most important part of your CB radio! The FCC mandates that all CB radios transmit at 4 watts or less, so the only way to improve your range is through a well placed, quality CB radio antenna. If you have a limited budget, pick out the best antenna you can afford first and choose a less expensive radio. You will also want to get the tallest antenna you can accommodate on your vehicle.

The best place to install your antenna is the center of your vehicle. This is often just not practical, though, so up on the fender, in a stake hole, or behind the cab (on a pickup) work well, too.

We carry a huge selection of antennas and accessories in stock. The options on the left will allow you to narrow down your search by length, brand, mounting type, and antenna type. We have options available for every preference in style, length and mounting. Please see our guide to choosing the best CB antennas for help with making a selection.