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CB Base Antennas

A CB base antenna is designed for use in a setting where the radio is stationary, so the antenna can be much larger, taller, and mounted higher up. Base antennas range in size from 3 to 18 feet tall. Without much effort, you can set up a CB base antenna to communicate for 20 - 30 miles. Of course, you aren't going to be able to mount an 18 foot antenna on a 20 foot post in an apartment or community with strict HOA rules. For these situations we have indoor base antennas or low profile base antennas.

Since base station antennas do not require a large metal ground plane like mobile antennas, you have a little more freedom when mounting them. Just be sure to stay away from power lines and questionable tree limbs for safety sake!

It is worth noting that a CB base antenna can be used with any CB radio. You can add a 12 volt power supply to any mobile radio to use it as a base, and a BNC to PL259 adapter will connect any handheld to them.

For more information on CB antennas, see our guide to choosing the best CB antenna