9 Foot CB Coax

Procomm PP8XX - Coax Cable with PL259 at Each End

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ProComm High quality RG8X (Mini-8) coax cable with PL259 connectors on both ends the cable.

RG8X is often the preferred CB coax cable, especially for mobile installations, due to the outstanding cable properties of RG8X. Min-8 is a small diameter (approximately ¼ inch) coax that is highly flexible and strong. RG8X coax is easy to work with and route inside a vehicle cab or under a chassis. Complete with low loss PL259 connectors that are hand soldered and 100% tested by the technicians at ProComm.

The high quality RG8X coax comes in popular lengths from 1 foot to 100 feet. ProComm CB coax cable is proudly made in the USA. The color of the cable is grey or black, depending on our current stock.

This is our highest quality CB antenna coax.

Product features

  • MINI 8
  • Bare copper stranded center conductor
  • High quality soldered PL259 at each end
  • 95% bare copper braid
  • Foam dielectric
  • Hand soldered connections
  • 100% Tested
  • Made in the USA
This is some high quality coax. You would beleive what a difference it can make to the overall performance of your radio. I also liked the ability to order custom lengths. I purchased 25 feet and was pleased.
need this for the SWR meter. wow over kill for coax... you won't be disappointed. high grade cable
Excellent quality cable and connectors.

And the usual fast, great service from CB World.

Couldn't be happier.
High quality low loss, little pricey but WORTH IT.
Very good service and delivery. Reasonable shipping charges even to Alaska. Thanks.
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