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CB Coax Cable

CB coax cable is necessary to connect your antenna to your radio. The coax doesn't actually connect directly to your antenna, but rather to the antenna mount. This allows the center wire of the coax to remain isolated from the outer ground.

There are some important things to remember when choosing a CB antenna coax:

Make sure the connectors on your coax match your antenna mount. You will always have at least one of the big, screw-on PL259 connectors on one end of the coax, but the other end can have a PL259, center and ground wires with lug connectors, or single ring connectors like Firestik's Firering.

Use a co-phase harness for dual antenna installations. A single coax is 50 ohms. A co-phase harness is 72 ohms before it splits into 50 ohms for each antenna. This is important for a good SWR. If you try to connect two single coax lengths to a T connector for dual antennas, you may run into high SWR issues.

Use NGP cable for NGP antennas. Using no ground plane antenna cable for a traditional antenna (and visa versa) will give you high SWR problems.

Browse our selection of CB Coax cable from brands like FireStik and Procomm. If you need help with choosing the right cable, or simply a new CB antenna, we suggest reading our handy guide to choosing the best CB antenna. It has helped many of our customers find the right products for their needs.