CB Microphone Accessories

FireStik RMB1 Replacement CB Microphone Hanger Button

Model: RMB1


Replace the Button, not the Microphone Built Much Tougher than the Factory Fragile ones Made from Aluminum not Plastic Fits Virtually all Microphones... More 

Cobra MIC BUTTON Replacement Button for the 75WXST



Replace the Button, not the Mic.   This factory part replaces the mic button on the back of a Cobra 75WXST More 

5 Pin to 4 Pin CB Microphone Adapter

Model: C4P5C


This CB microphone adapter will allow you to plug a 4 pin Cobra/Uniden wired CB microphone into a radio wired for a 5 pin Cobra/Uniden microphone. 

MCX65CX 5-Pin Microphone 6-Foot Extension Cord

Model: MCX65CX


Wired For 5 Pin Style Cobra/Uniden Older Cobras - Cobra 148, Cobra 2000, 142GTL Some old radio shack radios More 

Uniden BWZG1889001 4 to 6 Pin Microphone Adapter

Model: BWZG1889001


Adapts 4 pin CB microphones to 6 pin for use with PC787 , PC687 , BC680 , BC880 , and BC980 Uniden CB radios .     More 

Kalibur KMC4 Replacement Micrphone Cable

Model: KMC4


This universal 6 foot, 4 wire microphone cable will work for any microphone that requires 4 wires and a 4 pin microphone plug. The coiled cable is 2 feet... More 

Astatic 7.5 Foot Microphone Cable with Strain Relief

Model: P417620400


7.5 foot coiled cord 6 wires in cord Heavy duty strain relief on microphone end No plugs on either end No plugs included More 

36039 Microphone and Speaker Tester for Multi-Brands

Model: 36039

Accessories Unlimited

Requires a DC power source. You can install a 9V battery by removing the 2 screws on each side or plug a 9-13.8 DC volt power souce into the jack on the... More 

400070000 Replacement PTT Switch For Astatic 636L and more

Model: 400070000


Double Pole Double Throw Spring Loaded Also works with RK 50 & RK 56

6 Foot CB Microphone Cable with No Plug

Model: P417051100


This 6 foot microphone cable from Astatic can be used on any mic that has 6 or less wires.

Astatic MC628 Internal Cartridge for 636L CB Microphone

Model: MC628


Replacement cartridge for Astatic 636L CB microphone.

Micrphone Cable Strain Relief



Cable strain relief for microphone cables