CB Microphone

Cobra PMRSM Speaker Microphone For HandHeld CB Radios

Model: PMRSM


This speaker microphone allows remote operation for your Cobra or compatible handheld CB radio.

MAD1 Superstar Hands Free CB Mic

Model: MAD1


Head Set with Adjustable Boom Microphone . Simple to Install. Prewired for Standard 4 Pin Hookups: Cobra, Uniden, Galaxy, Newer Midland, Most all 10 Meter... More 

Cobra CA73 Replacement 4 pin CB Microphone

Model: CA73


The CA73 is the factory replacement CB microphone many of Cobra's CB radios  This 4 pin dynamic microphone features a 9 foot cable with strain relief and a black ABS plastic housing.

Astatic RD104E Road Devil Noise Canceling CB Microphone

Model: RD104E-4B


The Road Devil features a high gain amplifier with electronic equalization to provide maximum talk power and intelligibility even under noisy conditions.  The Road Devil is a VERY powerful microphone.

FireStik RMB1 Replacement CB Microphone Hanger Button

Model: RMB1


Replace the Button, not the Microphone Built Much Tougher than the Factory Fragile ones Made from Aluminum not Plastic Fits Virtually all Microphones... More 

AUMH1 Magnetic CB Microphone Clip

Model: MH1X

Accessories Unlimited

This magnetic CB microphone clip allows you to hang your CB mic from any metal (magnetic) surface without permanently attaching a mic clip. 

Astatic 636L Noise Canceling CB Microphone

Model: 636L-DX1X


The Astatic 636L noise canceling 4 pin CB microphone is a favorite among professional drivers.  Astatic has a long tradition of producing quality products. 

Superstar DM452 Power Echo CB Microphone

Model: DM452


This is a 4 pin Echo CB microphone with adjustable echo level on front. There is also an internal gain adjustment POT.   This mic requires 1 9 volt... More 

Uniden BC906W Wireless CB Microphone

Model: BC906W


This wireless CB microphone from Uniden features up to 100 meter range, auto power off, and secure sync technology.   It allows you to send and... More 

Gear Keeper Heavy Duty CB Mic Keeper

Model: MH8

Gear Keeper

Gear Keeper Retracting Tether suspends Mic from headliner (mounting hardware included). Grab Your Mic, Use It, Let It Go - It retracts back up to the... More 

Astatic D104M6B-DX1 Power CB Microphone

Model: D104M6B-DX1


The Atatic D104M6B CB microphone features volume control and fits all 4 pin Cobra, Uniden, and Galaxy CB radios. Durable construction is combined with a chrome plated brass grille.

Cobra CA69 Electret CB Microphone 5-Pin DIN

Model: CA69


The CA69 from Cobra is a factory replacement CB microphone that is compatible with CB radios that use an electret microphone that is wired 5 pin din, including the Cobra 18RV,19X,19 PLUS and 20 PLUS.

EC2018 TURBOA Echo CB Microphone

Model: EC2018TURBOA

RF Limited

This 4 pin echo mic features echo volume and delay controls on the mic, along with adjustable output volume and talkback.  This is a great upgrad CB microphone with fun features. 

Cobra HGM75 Power CB Microphone

Model: HGM75


This all purpose 4 pin CB microphone from Cobra will work with all newer, 4 pin Cobra CB radios, and most other newer 4 pin CB radios as well.  This mic features a 9 foot coiled cable with strain relief, rugged ABS plastic housing, and adjustable volume.  It operates on a single 9 volt battery (not included)

Gear Keeper Retractable CB Mic Keeper

Model: MH9

Gear Keeper

Gear Keeper Retracting Tether suspends your CB Mic from headliner (mounting hardware included). Grab Your Mic, Use It, Let It Go - It retracts back up to... More 

Turner RK56B Road King CB Microphone

Model: RK56B


The RK56B is a 4 pin noise canceling CB microhpne from Telex.  This high quality mic features a teardrop shape with a PTT button mounted high on the... More 

KMH3X Heavy Duty 3-Screw CB Microphone Clip

Model: KMH3X


This is a heavy duty mic clip hanger with 3 screws.  The aluminum construction of this microphone hanger allows it to hold a little more weight... More 

Astatic AST878DM Base Statio CB Microphone

Model: AST878DM


This base CB microphone features a lock-to-talk button, ceramic cartridge, and a five conductor shielded cable with 4 pin plug. 

MK393 CB Microphone for Uniden PRO510XL and PRO520XL

Model: MK393


Factory replacement 4 pin CB microphone for PRO510XL and PRO520XL CB radios from Uniden

Power CB Micrphone With Roger Beep

Model: 22500


This power CB microphone from Midland comes unwired, though there is a 4 pin mic plug included in the package.  It features a roger beep, 9 volt battery operation (battery not included), and a 6 foot coiled cord. 

Cobra MIC BUTTON Replacement Button for the 75WXST



Replace the Button, not the Mic.   This factory part replaces the mic button on the back of a Cobra 75WXST More 

AUMH2 Metal CB Microphone Clip

Model: AUMH2

Accessories Unlimited

This light microphone clip is constructed from durable metal.  It is mounted with the two included screws into any flat surface that can support the... More 

5 Pin to 4 Pin CB Microphone Adapter

Model: C4P5C


This CB microphone adapter will allow you to plug a 4 pin Cobra/Uniden wired CB microphone into a radio wired for a 5 pin Cobra/Uniden microphone. 

Replacement CB Microphone for Galaxy Radios

Model: DXMIC


This is the factory replacement CB microphone for several Galaxy CB Radios.  This mic features a 9 foot cable with strain relief and a 4 pin connector.