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CB Microphones

Whether you are looking to upgrade your CB microphone, or replace a worn out factory mic, you are sure to find what you need at CB World. We carry factory replacement microphones from all of the major manufacturers. If you are looking for an aftermarket microphone, we have several options from Astatic, RF Limited, Kalibur, and more.

The two things you need to check when picking out a CB microphone is the mic pin-out and whether it uses an electret or dynamic cartridge. There is more to selecting a microphone than counting the pins. It is true that most radios produced in the last decade with a 4 pin mic plug are wired the same. Older radios can be wired different, though. You really need to pay attention if you have a 5 pin mic plug. The same is true with the newer six pin radios. Many of these have exactly one microphone on the market that will work with them. The cartridge matters, too. The Cobra 29 LTD, for instance, uses a mic with a dynamic cartridge. If you connect a mic with an electret cartridge to this radio, it will work, but the audio will be very faint on the receiving end.

We have additional information in our CB Microphone guide.