CB Radio Accessories

MY2MX Y Adapter with 2 Male and 1 Female Motorola Plugs

Model: MY2MX


High quality connector Motorola Type Molded construction BLACK

Motocomm Motorcycle Headset For Open Face Helmet

Model: MC751

RF Limited

The MC-7XX open-face helmet headset and PTT system is an accessory for use with handheld 2-way radios (e.g., FRS, GMRS, CB, amateur, commercial). The MC-7XX... More 

12-Foot Speaker Wire with 3.5mm Plug Attached

Model: P35C


12 foot two wire cable terminated in a 3.5mm stereo plug.  Great for external CB speakers, PA horns, and many other applications. 

BRVY0567001 Squelch Control POT For Uniden PC122 CB Radio

Model: BRVY0567001


This is a factory replacement squelch control for the Uniden PC122 CB Radio.  It measures 1 5/16" x 5/8" x 1/2".  This is the internal control... More 

CB Radio Hump Mount with Speaker

Model: DS78


This CB radio hump mount is a perfect solution for mounting your radio when there is no where to fit it under the dash.  Features: Several... More 

Pyramid NS10 Noise Filter

Model: NS10


Easily Installed 10 Amps Reduces and Eliminates Engine Interference Works well on Wiper and Heater Motor Interference Compatible w/Receivers,... More 

Single DIN In Dash Mount Kit for Uniden PRO510XL and PRO520XL CB Radios

Model: DIN0020

Accessories Unlimited

This mount kit allows you to easily install your Uniden PRO510XL or PRO 520XL CB radio in the dash just like a car stereo.  This is a single DIN... More 

PC29 Power Cord For Cobra 19 21 LTD 25 29 & 146 CB Radios

Model: AUCB91


For Cobra 19 -  use CB94, CBH3D, CBH3DP, CBH3DPX, or CBH3DX

Single DIN In Dash Mount Kit for Smaller CB Radios

Model: DIN0240

Accessories Unlimited

This mount kit allows you to easily install your CB radio in the dash just like a car stereo.  This is a single DIN kit, like most car... More 

Procomm Noise Clipper CB Radio Noise Suppressor

Model: NR400


Improves the dynamic range of CB or Amateur Radio. Amplifies the signal and reduces the noise.  Installs in the antenna line between the radio and... More 

EKL ERF2030 RF Transistor 25W Replaces 2SC2166 1969 and 2312

Model: ERF2030


The ERF-2030 transitor paired with the correct companion parts acts as a replacement for the 2SC2166, 2SC1969, or 2SC2312 finals. The chart below outlines... More 

Speco SPC-5P 5-Inch Weatherproof PA Speaker

Model: SPC5P


Speco's 5 inch PA speaker is weatherproof and has a white ABS plastic base that pivots 90 degrees. It offers a frequency response of 300 to 15 kHz and a 15... More 

Cobra AUCB91 3 Pin Heavy Duty Power Cord

Model: AUCB91

Accessories Unlimited

3 pin heavy duty power cord.  5 feet long.  Includes inline fuse.    Works for Cobra 19, 25, and 29 series radios.  Also... More 

AUMH1 Magnetic CB Microphone Clip

Model: MH1X

Accessories Unlimited

This magnetic CB microphone clip allows you to hang your CB mic from any metal (magnetic) surface without permanently attaching a mic clip. 

FireStik RMB1 Replacement CB Microphone Hanger Button

Model: RMB1


Replace the Button, not the Microphone Built Much Tougher than the Factory Fragile ones Made from Aluminum not Plastic Fits Virtually all Microphones... More 

Astron RS35A 35 Amp Power Supply

Model: RS35A


RS-M Series Regulated Power Supplies Output Voltage: 13.8 VDC (+/- 0.05 V) Internally Adjustable (11-15 V) Continuous Amperage Output  25... More 

Uniden BC15 15 Watt Communication Speaker

Model: BC15

$29.99   $21.90

The Uniden BC15 external accessory speaker is durable with a rugged design, featuring a two-toned black and silver face-plate. With 15 watts of input power,... More 

RF Limited UTB1 Universal Talk Back Board

Model: UTB1

RF Limited

With the UTB-1 the radio operator can monitor his or her own transmissions by sending the microphone audio to the radio's speaker.  The UTB-1... More 

Pyramid CB1000 External Speaker

Model: CB1000


8 Ohm Inedance Maximum 25 Watts Water Proof Complete with Mounting Bracket and Hardware 6' Cable with Plug Dimensions:... More 

FireStik AR-3 Coax Adapter, UHF PL-259 to BNC

Model: KVAD1X


Allows the user to utilize a PL-259 terminated coaxial cable for connection to a scanner or handheld radio that has a BNC antenna termination. Just screw... More 

AUCB91P 3 Pin Heavy Duty Power Cord With Cigarette Plug

Model: AUCB91P

Accessories Unlimited

3 Pin heavy duty power cord with cigarette plug. 5 feet long.  Includes inline fuse.    Works for Cobra 19, 25, and 29 series... More 

Gear Keeper Heavy Duty CB Mic Keeper

Model: MH8

Gear Keeper

Gear Keeper Retracting Tether suspends Mic from headliner (mounting hardware included). Grab Your Mic, Use It, Let It Go - It retracts back up to the... More 

Astron RS20A 20 AMP Regulated Power Supply

Model: RS20A


  RS-M Series Regulated Power Supplies Output Voltage  13.8 VDC (+/- 0.05 V)Internally Adjustable (11-15 V) Continuous Amperage Output ... More 

008047 Channel Selector Potentiometer Switch for Cobra 29LX and 29LXLE

Model: 008047


Factory replacement channel selector switch for the Cobra 29LX and 29LXLE.