CB Radio Blog & Technical Information

At CB World, we believe in educating our customers. That's why we offer our CB Radio Blog, to help you choose the right equipment, install it properly and troubleshoot if need be.

Are you new to CB radios? There are several good reasons to install a CB radio in your personal or work vehicle. You can use a CB radio to communicate with friends and family while on the road. CB radios are useful in an emergency since police constantly monitor channels 9 and 19. CB radios also give you access to traffic and weather information. Getting a CB radio installed and working properly isn't always as easy as buying it and plugging it in.

There are several factors to consider when choosing your CB radio components. Where to mount the radio? Where to mount the antenna?  What features you want? How tall should your CB antenna be? These are just some of the questions that can come up during the process. The advice below will help you with choosing and installing a CB radio and CB antenna.


Choosing the Right CB Equipment

Best CB Radio

Information on the types of CB radios available and what really matters when making a decision


Best CB Antenna

Information on choosing a CB antenna based on location, height, load, and other factors


Best CB Microphone

Information on the features and specs of current CB microphones


CB Antenna Springs

Information on CB antenna springs, when to include them, and how to choose the right spring.


Installing Your CB Equipment

How to Install a CB Radio

A how to article outlining the process of installing a CB radio.


How to Install a CB Antenna

A general article covering the basic steps for installing a CB antenna


How to Tune a CB Antenna

A step by step guide for setting the SWR on a CB Antenna


Troubleshooting CB Radio and CB Antenna Problems


General CB Radio Trouble Shooting Guide

A general guide for trouble shooting common CB Radio problems.  Includes cross-reference chart.


Troubleshoot a High SWR

A list of items to check when you have a high SWR reading across all channels


Testing Continuity

A guide on using a multimeter or test light to check for continuity.


Testing CB Antenna Ground

This guide shows you how to test the electrical ground for your CB Antenna


Testing CB Antenna Coax

This guide describes how to test CB antenna coax for shorts and continuity


Additional Information

CB Radio Range

Are you curious what the range of a CB radio is? This article discusses just that...how to determine CB radio range.


CB Radio Lingo

A list of 10 codes, Q codes and other CB radio Lingo


CB Radio Frequently Asked Questions

A lit of frequently asked CB radio questions and their answers.


What Is SWR

A detailed description of SWR and why it is important to your CB antenna setup.


What is CB Antenna Ground Plane?

Defines what a CB antenna's ground plane is.


CB Radio Channels & Frequencies

A deeply resourceful guide that offers a list of all CB radio channels, corresponding frequencies, customary uses as well as advice on improving transmission and legality of usage.