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CB Radio Hump Mount with Speaker

DS78 - CB Radio Hump Mount With Speaker

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The CB Radio Hump Mount with Speaker is the perfect solution when drilling into the dash of your car or truck is not for you! If space is tight to mount a CB radio in or under the dash, a hump mount CB console will do the trick.

No drilling is required to mount your CB and extension speaker. Easy out the way installation that still keeps your communications gear within reach.

A built in SFX 3"x5" 8 Ohm 5 Watt CB speaker provides clear audio without the need to purchase and install a separate external CB speaker.

The Workman Electronics DS-78B is a universal CB mount that sits across the transmission hump in most cars, trucks, and RV’s. Slots along back end of hump mount allow for mounting many different sized CB radios. Fully compatible with mini, mid, and full sized CB radios.

All you’ll need is to provide a power and antenna connection. Plug in the built speaker and you’re CB radio installation is complete!

Product features

  • Molded design, no drilling required
  • Several slots on the back end allow for different sized radios.
  • Includes built in speaker with 6 foot wire
  • Two cup holders
  • Teeth on bottom grip carpet to hold CB radio hump mount in place
  • 10" W x 10.5" D x 6" T
  • Workman Electronic products DS-78B
Very good product, used it in my 2005 Silverado and it was a little tight but still fit and does a good job
The hump mount fits my Tundra perfectly, and holds the radio securely, and at the right angle so that I can reach it. It grips well, and stays in place without shifting.
Great solution for mounting your radio without drilling holes. I'm using this with my Galaxy 959 and the hump mount has served its purpose well.
This is a good idea for mounting a CB if you have a hump in your truck. Just watch the spikes on the bottom when you are putting it in. I scratched myself a good one.
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