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Mounts and Brackets

Mounting your CB radio can be a challenging task.  Most CB's come with a bracket included in the box.  These brackets are designed to mount the radio on your dash of your vehicle (or any other flat surface you want to bolt one to).  We have replacements for many different sizes of these types of brackets. We also have innovative CB mounts that let you mount your radio in the dash, on the floor, an angled console, etc. 

When selecting a location to mount your CB radio the goal is to put the radio somewhere you can reach it easily without distracting yourself from driving, but still keep it out of the way so that you aren't obstructing your (or your passenger's) legs, head, etc. The most common mounting locations are on the roof near the rearview or center of the cab (if you are in a vehicle with a larger cab), between the driver and passenger seats, or under the dash.

If you have a small enough radio, we carry some unique in-dash mounting kits.  These kits allow you to install your CB radio in a way similar to the way a car stereo is installed in a single DIN slot. We also have Bubba Bracket mounts that allow you to install your radio vertically.

If you're not sure where you want to put your radio yet, see our guide How to Install a CB Radio.


These deep mounting brackets will accomodate Galaxy, Magnum, and other export radios that are roughly 8" wide.  Options for 4" and 9" in black and chrome available.
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This CB radio hump mount is a perfect solution for mounting your radio when there is nowhere to fit it under the dash. 3x5 inch 8 Ohm 5 watt CB speaker provides ultimate audio clarity. The entire CB radio mount fits securely over transmission hump in most cars, trucks, and RV’s with carpet. The ultimate universal CB radio hump mount from Workman electronics products.

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Deep mounting bracket for Cobra 25 and 29 series radios and Uniden PC68 and PC78 series radios.
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