CB Radio Package

If you are worried about picking compatible items, or don't want to hassle with looking through everything listed on CB World, we may have a package put together that will work for you. We are adding new packages regularly. If you don't see what you want, or have a good idea for one, let us know! Also be sure to check out our handy guide to CB radio installation.

Each kit includes options for everything you need including a CB radio, coax, antenna mount and antenna. Some include additional options like SWR meters, cases, springs, and external speakers. You will be required to choose a radio and antenna for the kit, but everything else is optional. As you change your selections the total for the package will update at the top of the screen. All of our packages qualify for FREE SHIPPING!

Our Current packages include:

Jeep - This package includes our most popular options for radios, antennas and mounts for use in Jeeps and other off road vehicles.

RV - This package includes the best CB antenna kits and CB radios for any RV.

Motorcycle - This kit bundles the popular 75-822 radio with an optional antenna upgrade, headset, and a case.

Hummer - A specialized kit for the H2 Hummer.