CB Radio Parts

BRVY0567001 Squelch Control POT For Uniden PC122 CB Radio

Model: BRVY0567001


This is a factory replacement squelch control for the Uniden PC122 CB Radio.  It measures 1 5/16" x 5/8" x 1/2".  This is the internal control... More 

EKL ERF2030 RF Transistor 25W Replaces 2SC2166 1969 and 2312

Model: ERF2030


The ERF-2030 transitor paired with the correct companion parts acts as a replacement for the 2SC2166, 2SC1969, or 2SC2312 finals. The chart below outlines... More 

RF Limited UTB1 Universal Talk Back Board

Model: UTB1

RF Limited

With the UTB-1 the radio operator can monitor his or her own transmissions by sending the microphone audio to the radio's speaker.  The UTB-1... More 

008047 Channel Selector Potentiometer Switch for Cobra 29LX and 29LXLE

Model: 008047


Factory replacement channel selector switch for the Cobra 29LX and 29LXLE.

Replacement Cable for the Cobra 75WXST CB Radio

Model: 428001


This factory replacement cable will replace a frayed, cut, or otherwise damaged cable for a Cobra 75WXST CB radio .  This is the cable that connects... More 

CB51B 3-Inch Round Replacement CB Speaker

Model: CB51B


This 3 inch speaker will serve as a replacement in many devices. Our source for them occasionally changes, as does the wattage and depth. The wattage can... More 

RF Limited BR1 Big Radio Sound Echo Board

Model: BR1

RF Limited

Big Radio Sound!   Dual stage control Echo/Reverb Easy 3-wire installation Instructions Will fit in any radio One year manufacturer warranty... More 

GDPT416739Z Black Uniden Name Plate for PC122XL CB Radio

Model: GDPT416739Z


Black rectangle, gold "Uniden" lettering Approximately 3/4" x 1/4" One back post More 

RF Limited TRBX2 Turbo Digital Echo Board

Model: TRBX2

RF Limited

              TURBO    DIGITAL     ECHO BOARD  ... More 

CB53 4-Inch Square Internal Replacement CB Speaker

Model: CB53


5 Watt 8 Ohm Good Dynamic Audio Roll Off Most Popular Size Used in Cobra, Uniden, Galaxy Many More Models More 

008016 On Off Volume Squelch Switch for Cobra 29 CB Radios

Model: 008016


On/Off/Volume/Squelch switch for Cobra 29NWLTD, 29LTD, 29WXNWST.  Measures approximately 2" x .7" x .5"  This is a factory replacement part that... More 

Cobra 380003 Faceplate for 29 WX NW ST CB Radio

Model: 380003


Brand new original replacement faceplate for the Cobra 29 WX NW ST CB Radio.    

SA350 3.5-Inch Square Internal Replacement CB Speaker

Model: SA350


5 Watt 8 Ohm Good Dynamic Audio Roll Off Used in Various Models (Cobra, Galaxy, Midland , Maxon etc.) More 

Uniden MRF477 RF Power Transistor Motorola

Model: MRF477


These are the hard to find Motorola MRF477 transitors.

2SC1969 Transistor

Model: 2SC1969

Accessories Unlimited

Mitsubishi transistor.

SRF SWR Meter For Cobra 29 LTD and 148 Radios

Model: C29


Also works with Uniden Grant, XL and LT , PC76 and PC78 Series.  Available with a white or black face. 

Galaxy MB8719 Phase Lock Loop RCI8719

Model: MB8719


Used in Many 40 Channel AM/SSB Radios ie. Cobra 140, 142, 148, Uniden Grant XL, LT. This Will Work as a Replacement for the MB8719 Except Some of the Pin... More 

Cobra 030004 Nomenclature Face Plate for 29LTD Classic

Model: 030004


Factory replacement face plate for the Cobra 29 LTD Classic CB Radios.

Cobra 753036 Blue LED Cover for 29LTD Chrome

Model: 753036


This is a factory replacement LED cover for Cobra 29LTD Chrome.  This cover is specifically for the 29 LTD Chrome, but it may fit other 29 series... More 

Cobra 320004N001 SRF Meter for 148GTL

Model: 320004N001


SRF meter for Cobra 148GTL 1 1/2" across 1/2" tall 1 3/8" deep two red wires two prongs on the bottom... More 

EKL EN369FN Companion Part to ERF2030

Model: EN369FN


ERF2030 is the replacement for discontinued part 2SC1969, but it needs one of these companion parts depending on the make/model of the radio you are... More 

Factory Replacement Knob for Cobra 29LX

Model: 751046


This is a genuine factory replacement part from Cobra.  This knob will work for dynamike, RF gain, and Delta Tune.