CB Radios

Cobra 75WXST All In The Handset CB Radio

Model: C75WXST


If you are limited on space, the Cobra 75 WX ST CB radio is the radio for you.  This all in the handset radio requires less space for installation than any mobile CB radio on the market today.  Even at that, this radio still manages to include outstanding features like weather channels and memory scan.

Jeep CB Radio Kit



Installing a CB radio in your Jeep can be a difficult task.  If you want to avoid hours of research, trying to figure out which components are best and... More 

Midland 75-822 Ultra Compact CB Radio With Mobile Adapter

Model: 75822


The Midland 75-822 is our most popular handheld CB radio.  This is due in part to this radio's outstanding performance as a handheld, but this CB also doubles as a mobile when the included mobile adapter is used.

Cobra 29 WX NW ST Mobile CB Radio

Model: C29WXNWST


The Cobra 29 WX NW ST adds Soundtracker technology and weather channels to the built in SWR meter, RF Gain, Mic Gain, and a PA out of the 29 LTD Classic.  These features provide additional clarity to transmissions and weather information from NOAA weather frequencies. 

Cobra 29 LTD Classic CB Radio

Model: C29LTD


The Cobra 29 LTD Classic is a time tested, reliable CB radio from Cobra.  It has many of the features most commonly looked for in a CB, including a built in SWR meter, RF Gain, Mic Gain, and a PA out.  Purchase this radio and install it in your vehicle, and you won't regret the decision.  Clear transmissions and reliable performance will be your reward.  This is one radio that proves nothing comes close to a Cobra. 

Uniden BC880 Bearcat 880 CB Radio

Model: BC880


The Uniden BC880 is a perfect blend of functionality and style.  I comes with a wide array of features to keep you in touch and informed.  It also... More 

Cobra 29LX Camo CB Radio

Model: C29LXCAMO

$169.95   $149.99

The Cobra 29 LX CAMO CB Radio is the product of Cobra's partnership with Realtree. The end result boasts the same great features of the original 29 LX with an interesting new look.

Uniden PRO510XL Professional Mobile CB Radio

Model: PRO510XL


This is one of the smallest CB radios available today.  The small size and minimal features of the Uniden PRO510XL allow it to endure the harshest environments.


Galaxy DX 959 CB Radio

Model: DX959


The DX 959 is one of the most popular CB radios from Galaxy.  It has all the same great features as the DX 949, including built in SWR meter, RF gain, lighted face with adjustable brightness, and talkback, plus a 5 digit frequency counter. 

Uniden PRO505XL 40 Channel CB Radios

Model: PRO505XL


The Uniden PRO505XL is the latest addition to Uniden's family of compact CB radios.  It is similar to the PRO510XL and PRO520XL in both size and... More 

Uniden PRO520XL Mobile CB Radios

Model: PRO520XL


The Uniden PRO520XL is similar in size to the PRO510XL with added features like RF gain, noise blanker, and PA out.  This is by far our most popular CB radio. 

Cobra 19DXIV 40-Channel Compact Mobile CB Radio

Model: C19DXIV


This compact Cobra CB Radio has essential features in a small package.  These include squelch, RF gain, and a PA connection.  This is a good entry level radio for those that just need the basics.


Uniden BC980 SSB Bearcat 980 CB Radio with Upper and Lower Side Band

Model: BC980SSB


The Bearcat 980 is the only current Uniden CB radio with SSB operation.  It features a large, easy to read illuminated control panel for easy use in... More 

Galaxy DX2547 Base CB Radio

Model: DX2547


This is one of the few base station CB radios still being manfacturered.  This radio is intened for fixed, location use.  Unlike mobile CB raidios, this unit operates on 110V electricity. 

Cobra 29 LX CB Radio

Model: C29LX


The Cobra 29 LX features a color changing display, built in SWR, RF Gain, weather alert and more!  This is a feature packed radio for CB radio users that want more out of their radio.  Originally a limited edition model, this radio was so popular Cobra brought it on as a regular model.  Check it out for yourself to see why!

Cobra 148 GTL Full Featured AM SSB CB Radio

Model: C148GTL


The 148 GTL is a quality Cobra CB radio with a wide array of features and SSB operation.  This radio also features a built in SWR meter, RF Gain, and PA out.  This radio has a large chassis made for serious users that want reliable, long range communication.  Click for more information and specs.

Galaxy DX 979 AM SSB CB Radio

Model: DX979


The DX 979 CB radio from Galaxy was designed to offer a wide range of features in a smaller chassis.  It truely is suprising how many features they fit into a 7.25" chassis.  Pick one of these up and you won't be sorry!

Cobra HH 38 WX ST HandHeld CB Radio

Model: HH38WXST


The HH 38 WX ST is a sturdy handheld Cobra CB radio with weather scan.  This radio operates on AA batteries and allows you to scan all 40 channels or two memory channels you choose.  Available with fast FREE shipping

Uniden PC68LTW CB Radio with Weather Alert

Model: PC68LTW


The PC68LTW adds weather channels and a back lighted face plate to an already great set of features from the PC68XL.  The back lighted faceplate will allow you to see the controls better, and the Dynamic Squelch Control will allow you to hear transmissions more clearly. 

Cobra 18 WX ST II Economical CB Radio

Model: C18WXSTII


The Cobra 18 WX ST II is a small, inexpensive CB radio with the benifit of a front-facing speaker making it ideal for in-dash installation.  This radio also features weather channels and a scan function.

Galaxy DX 949 CB Radio

Model: DX949


This feature packed Galaxy CB radio offers mic gain, built in SWR meter, RF gain, lighted face with adjustable brightness, talkback, and more! 

Cobra 29LX BT CB Radio with Bluetooth

Model: C29LXBT


The Cobra 29 LX BT allows you to integrate your cell phone with your CB radio.  Bluetooth wireless technology syncs your radio and your phone and allows you to view phone information on the radio display and even make calls over your radio!

Cobra HHROADTRIP Handheld CB Radio



This handheld radio from Cobra is similar to the HH 38 WX ST.  It includes an external magnetic mount CB antenna for use in a vehicle.  This radio also features NOAA weather frequencies.  Available with free shipping.

Uniden PC78XL Bearcat Pro Series CB Radio with Dynamic Squelch Control

Model: PC78XL


This tough and powerful unit is the first in a new generation of trucker radios. When swapping trucks night to night this radio incorporates an antenna... More