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The Citizens Band Radio Service, or CB, as it is commonly called, is a type of radio communication under the category of Personal Radio Service. As with the other types of PRS, such as FRS, GMRS, MURS, and LPRS (Low Power Radio Service), CB is intended for both consumer and business use. CB is covered under Part 95 of the FCC rules. A CB radio does not require a license to operate.

CB service operates on 40 shared channels in an AM mode or Single SideBand (SSB) mode. SSB offers less noise and greater range than AM mode and is usually found on higher end CB radios. SSB has two modes, Upper Sideband and Lower Sideband. You can only communicate with other SSB CB radios when in SSB mode.

There is no minimum age requirement to operate a CB radio. In fact. almost anyone can use CB. Citizens’ band or short-distance CB radio was invented and first licensed in 1947 operating on a 27 megahertz (MHz) or 11-meter radio frequency over 40 channels. Military and other government entities originally used CBs to communicate until the 1960’s when taxis and other businesses began to use them. It’s range of use is around one to five miles.

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Cobra 19DXIV - 40-Channel Compact CB Radio

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Cobra 25LTD - Classic CB Radio

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Cobra 29LX - CB Radio

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