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008047 Channel Selector Potentiometer Switch for Cobra 29LX and 29LXLE

Cobra 008047 - Channel Selector for Cobra 29LX

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Factory replacement channel selector switch for the Cobra 29LX and 29LXLE. This is an internal part that requires soldering to install. Internal part only. the outer knob is sold separately

Item arrived and was packaged well. Was a little surprised that it did not come as pictured. There are NO wire attached to the board. You just get the brass knob and board that you have to solder all the old wires to, so dont get in a hurry taking the old part off without making notes of what wires go where. Otherwise a good product.
product is as advertised. works the same as the original one in the 29lx and the 29lxle. its real simple to install also. but like the other review the wires dont come with and to be honest thank god they really they dont because all you have to do is unsolder one wire at a time and resolder it onto the new board one at a time, do not unsolder all the wires unless you have a good memory. but really, its only like 4 wires or so. and it takes like 10 minutes to install. and the price is right you cant go wrong with this product and price. if i had to do it all over again i would order again and install again its great, thanks cb world
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