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75WXST All In The Handset CB Radio

Cobra C75WXST - All In The Handset CB Radio

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One of the most dependable and convenient to use CB radios on the market today. The compact size and design allows the Cobra 75WXST to be installed in some of the most stubborn installations. Since all the circuitry is in the microphone, there is no need to find a spot under the dash to mount the normal box shaped CB radio. The remote control box is where the antenna and power line attach. The remote box also allows the hook-up of an external speaker which is handy for those noisy environments.

Cobra 75 WX ST features:

  • SoundTracker┬« Technology for improved transmission and reception.
  • Full 40 Channel CB with 10 N.O.A.A Weather Channels
  • Same full 4 watts as the big box radios
  • Convenient to use Volume/On-Off Switch & Squelch
  • Up/Down channel control on the side of the microphone allows you eyes to be on the road not looking for the channel control
  • Four Memory Channels
  • Dual watch: Monitor 2 channels of your choice
  • Full 40 channel scan: Find out where the people hanging out
  • Keyboard Lock
  • Included: AC701 (This is where you will hook up your SWR meter to calibrate your antenna)


  • Size: The connector box (connects the CB antenna and power to your radio) is what you will mount for this radio. It measures 4 1/4" W x 1 1/2" T x 1 1/2" D
  • This is a small radio, good for installing in vehicles with less space in the cab such as newer cars and smaller pickups.
  • The power cable for this CB radio is permanently attached to the back of the radio. You will need to route the cable from the mounting location to the power source.

CB Radios

CB Radio Size:
  • Weather
  • Emergency Channels
  • Channel Scan
  • Memory Channels

Cobra 75 WX ST Owner's Manual (75_WX_ST.pdf, 1,514 Kb) [Download]

This is a great radio. It takes up hardly any space and works great!
This is a great CB radio that doesn't take up much room.
I purchased this cb radio for my husband. he enjoys it very much. it is easy to use and does not take up very much space. he keeps it in the cup holder when he is not using it!
Believe it or not I had very little space to mount a cb in my F450 with bench seat. So this was a great choice.. installed easily.. turned it on and listened to lots of DX from as far away as TX. I live in NH. I hope to get back on the radio today and have a DX handshake!
Best CB I have ever owned. Easy install and used a Firestik to complete the package. Received the equipment within days of order...
Love this CB I have had this for 8 years which is in my motor home and have had no problems with it. This is my second 75WXST which is installed on my Wrangler Rubicon. You can not go wrong with this CB. The only thing I would suggest is to add an external speaker.
Great CB radio. Works as well as the bigger unit I had in my pickup. Takes up almost no space in my jeep. Would recommend this to anyone.
This radio is exactly what I want...performs very well!
Great litltle CB. Excelent reception with the firefly LG4M2
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