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Cobra CB Radios

Cobra is one of the most well known brands of CB radios. Their line includes trusted, traditional radios like the 29 LTD Classic as well as new models with cutting edge innovations like the 29 LX BT. This brand has long been a trusted favorite among novice CB users, professional drivers, and CB enthusiasts.

The 75WXST is our most popular CB radio. Its small size makes it easy to install and use in all types of vehicles. Despite its size, it still boasts an impressive set of features including weather, channel scan and SoundTracker technology.

Cobra offers some of the most popular handheld CB radios available today. Both the HHROADTRIP and HH38WXST are excellent radios that offer weather, channel scan and AA battery operation. The HHROADTRIP also includes an external antenna.

The 18 WX ST is the only current model CB radio with a front facing speaker. Most CB radios have a bottom facing speaker. This comes in handy for dash mounting by eliminating the need to install an external speaker.

Cobra is also currently the only CB radio manufacturer that offers radios with a themed chassis. These include Camo, Chrome, Harley Davidson, and Racing themes. We have the only new Dale Earnhardt themed Cobra 29 radios available for sale!

All Cobra products are backed by a manufacturer's warranty. If you need help installing your radio, we recommend reading our CB radio installation guide.

This Cobra 29 LX Camo has been opened, slightly used, and includes the Peak & Tune service. The 29 LX is the permanent replacement for the limited...
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Cobra 18WXSTII - Economical CB Radio

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Cobra 19DXIV - 40-Channel Compact CB Radio

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Cobra 25LTD - Classic CB Radio

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Cobra 25LX - CB Radio

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Cobra 25NWLTD - Classic CB Radio With Nightwatch

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Cobra 25WXNWST - Mobile CB Radio with NightWatch and Weather

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Cobra 29LTD - Classic CB Radio

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Cobra 29LTDDE - Dale Earnhardt CB Radio

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Cobra 29LTDJRLE - Dale Earnhardt Jr Limited Edition CB Radio

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Cobra 29LTDSE-C - CB Radio With Chrome Finish

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