HGAX00FG - Cobra Hgax00Fg - Fiberglass Antenna For Cb

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Cobra HighGear Fiberglass CB Antennas the ultimate fiberglass whip antenna!

Cobra Electronics Corporation proudly crafts the HighGear 3 and 4 foot fiberglass antenna in the U.S.A.! Cobra HG FG antennas are top loaded fiberglass whip antennas that are wound with a robust 20 gauge heavy duty copper wire for better power handling! Standard 3/8x24 threaded ferrule are machined to fit any FireStik or Accessories Unlimited CB antenna mount that CB World currently offers.

The Cobra HG Fiberglass antenna demonstrates the same quality found in more expensive brands for a fraction of the cost. Factory tuned for CB frequencies, the HG Antenna can be field tuned for 10 meter radios as well as optimum performance. The Cobra fiberglass CB antenna is ready to receive N.O.A.A. weather stations and alerts if your CB radio is capable of receiving these broadcasts.

Whether you looking to upgrade, replace, or add an addition CB or 10 meter radio antenna to your rig the Cobra HG A300FG or HG A400FG will deliver the best performance for your hard earned dollar bar none!

CB radio 27 MHz (26.9650 - 27.4050)
10 Meter HF radio bands (28.000 - 29.700 MHZ)
N.O.A.A. weather bands (162.400 – 162.500 MHz)

The Cobra HG Fiberglas antenna is compatible with all CB and 10 meter radios and 3/8x24 threaded antenna mounts and accessories.

A properly installed antenna spring can save you from the grief that often occurs following CB antenna impact with low hanging objects.

For single antenna configuration 18 feet of RG-58A/U or RG-8X coaxial cable is recommended to provide the best performance with 10 or 11 meter (CB radios).

3 foot or 4 foot antenna

Tune your antenna
The Cobra HG FG antenna comes factory tuned for CB frequencies and is tunable for 10 meter radio. CB World strongly advises that the Cobra HG be tuned with an SWR meter after mounting and prior to using with your radio equipment. For a complete easy to use guide for proper antenna tuning be sure to visit the CB World Help Center. The radio that you save through proper tuning could be your own.

Power handling
1000 watts max power rating

Product features

  • Heavy duty 20 gauge copper wire with unsurpassed power (vs. thinner wire used on other whips)
  • Computer controlled variable pitch winding for better bandwidth (flatter SWR factory set across the entire band)
  • 1000 Watts power handling
  • Non corrosive chrome plated ferrule
  • Fade resistant polyethylene jacket
  • Broad-banded frequency range (26-30MHz)
  • Top loaded design
  • Works with all CB and 10 meter radios
  • Weather Band reception
  • Ultrasonically sealed for water tightness
  • Non-corrosive chrome plated construction
  • Pre-tuned to CB frequencies (can be tuned to 10 meter)
  • Field tunable for ultimate performance
  • Proudly made in America


Approximate Length:
  • 3 Ft.
  • 4 Ft.
Antenna Type:
Mount Type:
  • 3/8 inch x 24

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