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Cobra PMRSM Speaker Microphone For HandHeld CB Radios

Cobra PMRSM - Speaker Microphone

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The Cobra PMR-SM Speaker Microphone for Handheld CB Radios is the ultimate accessory! A Lapel speaker-microphone for the HH38 WX ST and the HH ROAD TRIP for easy one handed communication. Keep both hands free when necessary.

Clip your handheld radio to your belt, tactical vest, or LBE gear and enjoy communicating on your walkie-talkie radio as you were meant to – hassle free!

The PMR-SM speaker microphone is designed for Cobra handheld CBs and FRS radio. The PMR-SM is compatible with other walkie-talkie style radios that have a twin 3.5 mm stereo/2.5mm mic accessory connector.

A 3.5 mm earbud jack for private conversations is located on the bottom of the Cobra PMR-SM speaker-microphone. The Push-to-talk button located on the side of the mic helps to avoid the dreaded “open mic” that can happen with other manufacturers speaker/microphones.

A robust rotatable clip allows the mic to attach to a collar for ease of hearing and transmitting. The Cobra PMR-SM is ideal for commercial, professional, and amateur radio operators.

Plug the PMR-SM into your Cobra or Midland handheld CB radio for remote speaker and microphone operation. The PMRSM is the best speaker mic for this purpose available today.

The Cobra PMRSM is a two pin speaker mic that is compatible with all current Cobra and Midland Hand CB radios, including these handheld CB radios.

Product features

  • Lapel Speaker/Microphone
  • Integrated speaker - twin right angle: Ear 3.5mm stereo (top pin)
  • Earphone jack - mic 2.5mm stereo (bottom pin)
  • Handheld speaker mic, easy to speak and hear without lifting your radio
  • Rotatable Clip in the back allows you clip the mic everywhere you want
  • 6 foot coiled cord
  • High Quality Electret Dynamic Mic with PTT
  • Spring loaded clip on back rotates 360 degrees

CB Microphones

  • 2 Pin
I am using this mic with a Midland 75-785, on my touring motorcycle. The speaker is loud and clear, and those in my riding group say that the transmission is fine. The strong clip on the back is a plus.
Thanks the mike and speaker work great
This Speaker Microphone works great. Sound from the speaker is good. I am told the mic works fine with transmit.

I gave this Speaker Microphone an average rating because it is not a 6 foot cord. It is only 18 inches with a 6 foot stretch.
This short cord pulls the shirt up the neck. Either front or back, depending how you wear it. This makes it uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time.
This is an excellent extension microphone/speaker which makes operation of the Cobra Hand-Held CB much easier.
This speaker/mike work very good. I got one 2 years ago and it still working. It is one of the best speaker. mike around . Thie speaker/mike also work on Radio Shack and Cherokee hand held CB radio.
Mic works extremely well. Speaker works well to place sound closer to the ears and helps to hear in noisy conditions. Speaker also has sound clarity at least equal to that of the radio speaker.
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