STTX - Everhardt Super Tiger Full Wave CB Antenna

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Everhardt Super Tiger Full wave CB Antennas are made in Texas. The Everhardt Super Tiger antenna provides outstanding performance in a field tunable antenna. If you are in need of high performance in an 11 meter radio antenna the Super Tiger Full Wave antenna is one to consider. Not as flexible as some manufacturer’s antennas, Everhardts are still enthusiastically utilized by Jeep and off road drivers because of their quality and dependability, especially when combined with an antenna spring. The Everhardt Super Tiger Full wave antenna is weather band ready. Everhardt has been a leader in mobile communications for over 30 years producing quality, dependable products.

Everhardt antennas are envied throughout the industry and are the most imitated design on the market.

26-29 MHz

Super Tiger antennas are compatible with all CB radios.


  • 3 or 4 foot antenna lengths
  • 3 foot length available in – black, white, red, blue, and black gold colors
  • 4 foot length available in – black, white, red, and blue colors

Be sure to match a high quality spring your mount and antenna for the best protection from accidental damage. Check CB World’s Antenna spring guide for complete information on this often over looked accessory.

The coaxial cable is an often overlooked, but extremely important component in any mobile radio installation. Be sure to take at the CB World technical information website when making choices for coax type, length, connectors to custom fit your mobile radio solution.

Tune your Antenna
All CB radios need to be tuned prior to use to protect your radio’s circuitry from damage and ensure high performance for your equipment. For a great step by step guide to SWR tuning consult the How to tune a CB antenna.

Power handling
1000 watt rated

Product Features

  • Super Tiger
  • 1 Full Wave Length
  • Top Load Tunable Tip
  • Power Rating 1000 Watts
  • Includes the Weather Band
  • 18 gauge solid wire
  • Standard 3/8 ' Threaded Base
  • Industries Most Copied Antenna Design


Approximate Length:
  • 3 Ft.
  • 4 Ft.
Antenna Type:
Mount Type:
  • 3/8 inch x 24
I been using quad wrapped power sticks for decades and so far nothing has them beat. This one comes closest in a comparable size. Good with my 10 meter
I have long been a fan of Everhardt antennas. They always perform best for me on my jeep and I never have trouble tuning them. Now if I could just stop hitting limbs.....
This is a great antenna and great service from CB World.
I purchased this antenna from CB World to use with a fender mount on my Class C RV with my Cobra 29NW. It is working great. Reports back are that I am hitting them with a good clear signal and reception is excellent.

I was into CB radio in the late 1960's to the 1980's and I am returning now that I am retired. CB World provided fast shipping and I will be dealing with them more in the future.
The STT3-B Super Tiger antenna is excellent performer. Good match with my radio. (Cobra 29)
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