Firestik SS34M spring CB antenna mount

SS34 - FireStik CB Antenna Spring Mounts

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    Firestik CB antenna combo spring & stud mounts are a great option for installing a CB antenna with a spring. This item combines a Firestik CB antenna stud with a heavy or medium duty spring. This not only makes the overall height shorter (about 3 inches total height), but it is less expensive as well.

    By combing the stud mount with the antenna shock spring you’ll get double the functionality in a more compact, robust package at a lower cost. The FireStik Antenna Company does it again!


    The options at the top of this page will allow you to choose one of four configurations for this item. The spring is available in medium and heavy weights with either terminal connectors or a screw on connector to attach your CB coax. A medium spring will hold fiberglass CB antennas up to 2 feet long and well as 3 foot flex antennas such as the Roadpal, Firefly, and the Super flex! . A heavy spring will hold fiberglass antennas up to 5 feet long.

    SS34M - Medium spring with terminal connectors.

    SS34H - Heavy spring with terminal connectors

    SS34AM - Medium spring with screw-on (SO239) connector

    SS34AH - Heavy spring with screw-on (SO239) connector

    Product features

      • Made of Stainless Steel
      • Insulators are Molded Nylon
      • Includes Both Spring and Stud Mount
      • Advantage is a Little Lower Profile
      • Spring is about 3" Above Mount Surface
      • Still Made in America
      • 2 Year Warranty

CB Antenna Mount

Mount Type:
Stud Mount
Stud Type:
  • SO239 (Screw On Connector)
Thread Type:
3/8" x 24
After snapping off two Firesticks, I'm trying this. I think it will do the trick. Very sturdy and easy to install.
Good spring for the money and does everything I need it to, my only complaint is that when I mount my 3 foot firestik antenna to it, it bows back alot while going down the highway which is good if you do alot of really heavy brush wheeling but for a every day driver and weekend wheeler I would probally go with the heavy duty spring.
works great with my 5 foot firestik. doesn't allow too much movement at highway speeds.
Vehicle: 2008 Ford F150Mount used on: AUF1-L F150 mountPro's: Excellent for use on fiberglass whips up to 3', maybe 4'. Stud, washers (nylon, lock, and standard) and adapter to PL259 included.Con's: The threaded portion for the PL 259 is long, 1/2" of threads.This spring is stiff enough that at highways speeds, a 2' fiberglass whip isn't wagging in the wind. But it has enough "give" that if you hit a branch or anything with the antenna it'll flex.
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