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Firestik CB Antennas

Firestik Antenna Company has been manufacturing some of the highest quality CB antennas available since 1962. Their product line includes several models of CB antennas, antenna mounts, CB coax, kits, and safety flags. All of this is manufactured right here in the USA!

We recommend Firestik fiberglass antennas for most vehicles for their quality and performance. Not to mention they look great when installed well. The FS II series antennas have a tuneable tip unlike any other. Bare hands tuning is a snap with these. All Firestik antennas, mounts and cables are compatible with each other. The only thing to watch for is the mount and cable. You want to make sure to get a cable with the right connector for the mount you choose.

Firestik mounts are definitely the way to go if you are having trouble finding a place to mount your antenna. With their three way mounts, stake hole mounts, widget mounts, and flat mounts you are bound to find something that will work. All their mounts are made with high quality stainless steel or aluminum.

If you would like more advice, please see our guide to choosing the best CB antenna for your specific needs.