FireStik Firefly LGXM2 - NGP CB Antenna Kit

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  • Installs on Plastic, Wood, Fiberglass or Aluminum
  • Built in Isolated Ground Plane
  • Includes Stylish Side Mount for Vertical Installations
  • 5/8 Wave Design and Patented Tunable-Tip
  • Fast and Easy SWR Adjustments
  • Power Rating 100 Watts
  • Antenna Covered with Static Reducing, Heavy PVC Shrink Tubing
  • 17' Multi-Strand High Quality Coax Cable. Can't be Shortened but can be Lengthened in Multiples of 9'
  • Molded "Tear Drop" Black Side Mount
  • All Connections and Wiring are Out of the Elements.
  • Includes Installation Documentation, FREE Microphone Holder
  • 5 Year Antenna Warranty- 1 Year Mount and Cable
  • Available in White or Black (Add -W or -B after the Model Number for Color)

This is a no ground plane (NGP) CB antenna kit designed for use on RV's, fiberglass vehicles, or any application where no ground plane is available for your CB antenna. Click here to read more about CB antenna ground plane. This kit includes a Firefly NGP CB antenna, molded plastic side mount, and a 17' Fire-Flex NGP coax cable.


The antennas in these kits are similar to Firestik's Firefly antennas, but modified for use with no ground plane. Just like the Firefly antennas, they are lighter and more flexible than FS II antennas. They have a bare-hands tuneable tip that makes setting your SWR a snap. The kits are available with 3 or 4 foot antennas in both black and white. They are rated for up to 100 watts of power.


The 17 foot coax in this kit is a specialized, high quality cable made specifically for use with NGP antennas. It has a double shielded, stranded center wire with a flexible plyethelene insulation. This cable cannot be cut for installation, but it can be extended with standard RG-58 A/U in multiples of 9 feet. When running the cable, it is best to start at the radio and work your way back to the antenna. The bare wires on the antenna end are much easier to route then the big PL259 connector on the radio end.


The molded plastic side mount in this kit installs clean and looks great on all types of vehicles. Installing this mount requires access to the inside of the vehicle and, usually, drilling holes. When installed, the mount will have connections for the cable on the interior of the vehicle, which saves you from having to figure out how to get the coax inside. When installing this mount, the mount and rubber gasket go outside the vehicle. Everything else will be inside the vehicle or mounting surface.

As with any CB antenna, you will need to tune the antenna.


Approximate Length:
  • 3 Ft.
  • 4 Ft.
Antenna Type:
Mount Type:
  • Side Mount
Installed on my motor home and it looks and works awesome....
Excellent quality antenna and great service from CB World. Very easy install and works great.
the antenna was all of what I expected and the swift service was great. thank you
This antenna kit made the cb on my bike work 100 times better than the factory antenna kit. I would recommend this product where a "NO Ground Plane Antenna" is needed.
Great Item works well for my conversion to side mount.
I just recently purchased the LG4M2 4 Foot Firefly CB No Ground Plane Antenna Kit. I had purchased a Galaxy D X 959 radio because I wanted a good one. The fiberglass body of the motorhome did not serve well as a ground plane for the radio. With constant high S W R readings I started searching the internet for a solution. That's when I found the LG4M2 4 Foot Firefly CB No Ground Plane Antenna Kit. I was reluctant at first but ordered the NGP antenna system anyway.... Boy! was I pleasantly surprised after I got the antenna installed..... First S W R reading was near 1.5 right out the box.... I had yet to tune the system. I really was surprised with the results of the LG4M2 4 Foot Firefly CB No Ground Plane Antenna Kit. I would highly recommend this antenna system to anyone in need of aN G P system. Firestik makes a great antenna system. Now I 'll have to order another Firestik system for my truck as that one sounds like crap after listening to the one in the RV..Thanks for a great product.....Roy B.
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