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K1A PUSH-N-TWIST Quick Disconnect Replacement for R1A

K1A - FireStik Quick Disconnect CB Antenna Stud

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The FireStik K-1A Pro-Model antenna quick disconnect offers easy, tool-less removal for CB and amateur radio mobile antennas.

If you have ever tried to get through the car wash with a CB antenna installed and been frustrated by the attendant taking you to task about “damaging” your antenna – then you’ll really appreciate the FireStik K-1A internal locking antenna quick disconnect.

Perhaps you are a weekend warrior only. You only deploy your mobile radio antenna when you’re heading out for trail runs with the gang. The K-1A is the perfect quick disconnect option. Attach your antenna Saturday morning on the way out, disconnect it on Sunday afternoon and put it back it the garage until next weekend. The possibilities are unlimited, the freedom of the K-1A is a welcome relief for intelligent antenna management.

The ability to switch between multiple antennas and remove your CB antenna for easy garage access is now made simple with the K-1A Pro-model quick disconnect. For theft prevention of your fine-tuned CB or ham radio antenna it’s tough to be the simplicity of the K1A’s internal locking mechanism. Secure, yet easy to remove on demand. Thank you FireStik Antenna Company!

The K-1A Pro-model antenna disconnect will add approximately 3 inches of overall length to your CB antenna. Be sure that you follow CB World’s recommendations for proper antenna tuning to realize the lowest standing wave ratio for your radio setup.

Product features

  • 3/8x24 threads for compatibility with antennas & accessories
  • Internal locking mechanism for security
  • Weather Protected Components
  • Additional Security with Push and Twist Locking Mechanism
  • Accepts Antennas to 5' Long
  • Installed size measures 2.9 inches (74mm) high x 0.600 inches (15mm) diameter
  • Made of Chrome Plated Machine Brass
  • Locking Pin and Spring are Stainless Steel
  • Use for High Theft Areas or Garaging Your Vehicle or Parking Structures
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
This works nicely for pulling in and out of my garage. I was worried that if I left the antenna on the vehicle in parking lots that anyone could or might steal my antenna super easy since its quick disconnect, but so far so good. If I'm in a bad part of town, or just a bad town, I do take the antenna off and store inside the vehicle. I'm going to buy a second unit, so that I can very quickly change between two different antennas.
Really works great since need to remove the antenna before driving in garage. Seems to be of high quality.
why didn't I buy this sooner? This makes it easy to get in and out of the garage, only takes 10 second if that to remove or install. also makes it less noticeable that you have a radio in the vehicle which makes you less of a target. Also should be good for the car wash etc...
quality material, well machined, will buy again.
I've Purchased 3 of these now. I First Purchased 2 for my Dual FireStiks and that worked out so well that I Purchased another for my Wilson Trucker 2000 which I use on a Mag Mount. I Park under a Car Port, so I have to Remove the Antennas. This Quick Disconnect Product is of Good Quality Design and did not affect my SWR at all. I would Recommend this Product to anyone who needs a Solid and Dependable Method of Connecting and Disconnecting their Antenna Quickly.
Plus, CB World Delivered this Product "On-Time" as usual.
Well made. So far so good on functionality. Went with disconnect instead of spring since truck is parked in garage.
I purchased two different types of these not knowing which one would be better. As it turns out both of them are high quality. The antenna does not rattle around with either one. I'm very happy with both of them and all the products I have purchased so far from CB World.
Solid product. Easy to install and use.
This arrived quicker than I expected and fit my K40 3' antenna & magnet mount perfectly. It seemed a bit "gritty" and hard to use when I first took it out of the box, so I sprayed some WD40 down into where the spring was and when I installed it, I put a generous glob of electric grease into it before screwing the antenna onto it and it smoothed out nicely. CB World really helped me out.
bought mine used and i love it .great for 102 whips! ive had many situations where i forget to tie down the whip so i take it off in a flash! less than 15 seconds to take off and store it. pretty durable too. on a side note put plenty of di eletric grease on it easier take off and preserves the connection for a longer life span.
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