K48R FireRing Coax with K4 Stud

FireStik K48R FireRing Coax with K4 Stud

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If you already have an existing mount or surface with a 1/2 inch hole, this CB antenna stud and coax kit will provide everything else you need to mount a CB antenna and connect it to your radio. The high quality CB coax in this kit is available in 9 or 18 foot lengths.

  • 9' or 18' Hi quality FireRing coax with K4 stud
  • Stud mount hardware made from stainless steel
  • "Fire-Ring" connector is weatherproof, low-profile and easy to install
  • Can be installed below the mount surface, on top of the mount surface, or try installing it under headliners or where space is limited.
  • Available with 9' (2.7m) or 18' (5.5m) lengths of high quality coax. For specific information on the Fire-Flex coax with the Fire-Ring.

The coax connector is loose and is a solder on type to allow for easy routing of cable during installation. It also has a built in nylon shoulder washer to keep it centered and short free.


CB Antenna Mount

Mount Type:
Stud Mount
Thread Type:
3/8" x 24


Very good quality coax. The antenna end is very well protected from the elements.
Worked perfect. Customer service was great. Would definatly order from CB world again.
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