K8 / K8A - Firestik 18-Foot Single CB Coax

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FireStik 18-Foot Single CB Coax. You've installed an awesome CB radio in your car, truck, or RV. The premium antenna you purchased is reported to provide best in class performance. But what about the coaxial cable that makes that all important antenna to radio connection? Did you buy the cheapest cable you could find? How do know your chosen coax is shielded properly from electrical noise interference? With FireStik Antenna Company K8 coax you'll know you've got the right stuff.

CB coax is one of the most important components in any CB radio setup. Firestik provides some of the highest quality coax in the industry. The K8 CB Coax is assembled from FireStik RG-58A/U Fire-Flex coaxial cable. The 18 feet long Firestik cable is supplied with a PL259 on the radio end of the cable and your choice of either ring terminal connectors or a second PL259 on the antenna end of the cable. The connectors you select will depend on your CB antenna mount. The K8 FireStik CB coax is perfect for any single antenna installation. Compatible with any CB, scanner, 2 meter, or 10 meter installation.

If you find that 18 feet of coax is more than you need for your radio installation, and you can't leave it loose, be sure to wind excess cable in a figure 8 or serpentine loop and secure with a cable tie.

Choosing the right coax

There are two options available for this coax; a PL259 connector on both ends, or a PL259 connector on one end and lug connectors on the other. The reason for the difference is that some CB antenna mounts accept a screw-on PL259 connector, and some just have a bolt that accepts the lug connectors. Make sure your mount matches the cable you choose. If you are not sure, just ask us!

Product features

  • 95% Shielding to Protect Against Interference and RF Leaks
  • Stranded Center Conductor for More Flexibility
  • Polyvinyl Center Insulation to Extend Usable Life
  • Exceeds Mil-Speck Requirements for RG-58A/U (50 Ohm) Cable
  • 18' Length with a PL259 connector for your radio
  • PL259 or Lug connectors available for antenna connection
  • American made
  • One year warranty

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