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MK184R Dodge Ram Dakota Hood Mount Kit

FireStik MK184R - Dodge Ram Dakota Hood Mount Kit

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FireStik mini-kit for Dodge trucks is the perfect solution for mounting a CB antenna on your Ram, Dakota, or Durango. The MK18R is a hood mount kit for installing antenna on 1994 to 2004 Dodge trucks. The FireStik Dodge hood mount kit is not compatible with 2005 and newer Dodge vehicles.

All stainless steel FireStik mounts are renowned for quality and the mini-kits include premium Fire-Flex coax and matching antenna stud so you know you’ve got what need in one complete package.

A no drilling required to install mount, the bracket uses your existing fender bolt for a hardware invisible install. The bracket is pre-bent so that your trucks hood closes completely.

The PL259 connector is furnished loose with FireStik mounting kits and requires solder to complete the cable. This unfinished cable is much easier to route through firewalls and inside automobile moldings and dashboards. If you have ever routing a soldered PL259 through the firewall you’ll appreciate having the connector loose while working with coax.

FireStik is a leader in CB and amateur radio antennas and accessories.

Compatible with 3/8x24 antenna threads and antenna accessories. For use with antennas up to 4 feet in length.

FireStik’s professional grade Fire-Flex coax in an 18 foot length with FireStik’s exclusive Fire-Ring connector is included with the MK184R Dodge hood mount antenna kit.

Product features

  • 1994-2004 Dodge Pick Ups, Dakota and Durango
  • Stainless Steel Mount and Hardware
  • No Holes to Drill (on most applications)
  • Remove Fender Bolt Near Fire Wall, Place Bracket Over Bolt Hole and Re-insert Bolt
  • Includes 18' FireFlex Coax and FireStik’s exclusive Fire-Ring Connector
  • Bracket Length 4.1", 2.0” wide
  • Requires soldering
  • Made in America

CB Antenna Mount

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3/8" x 24
GREAT product, OUTSTANDING customer service. CB World is THE PLACE to buy!After being ripped-off by one of them "fake" online CB stores, I found CB World. The service HERE is first class. My order was processed and shipped out on the very same day I placed it, and to my amazement, it arrived the very next day! Friendly, helpful staff available by phone, and my product was very carefully packaged and arrived in perfect condition.Regarding the MK184R kit, this is the way to go. The new cable comes with the new connector separate from the cable, allowing the vehicle firewall hole to be drilled less than 1/4 inch instead of the gaping hole which would be otherwise be needed to route the connector. Or just pass the cable through the firewall along side of other cables- and NO drilling is required. A simple soldering of one wire to the connector will complete a clean, professional installation. This is a huge benefit to buying the complete KIT instead of just the mount- who wants to hack a wind-tunnel sized hole in the firewall to route a cable?Anyways, I don't often rave about a company like this, but great customer service is so rare these days (anyone else notice?) that I just had to make an exception for this exceptional company.Thank you CB World!
Great product! Used this kit for mounting Hamsticks on my 2003 Dodge Durango. Super easy installation. Takes about 15 minutes. Thick bracket is of solid, durable construction - it will last a long time. I highly recommend using Loctite on the fender bolt and the 3/8" bolt for permanent mounting. The PL-259 connector requires soldering. The RG-58 cable end is pre-tinned end takes only a minute to solder. Mount is hardly noticeable - it's hidden from driver view. It doesn't require any drilling or modification to vehicle.
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