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Pickup Stake Hole CB Antenna Mount Kit

FireStik MK294R - Pickup Stake Hole CB Antenna Mount Kit

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FireStik MK294R Pickup Stake Hole CB Antenna Mount Kit is a no holes to drill mount for CB, ham, and scanner antennas. If you’re not using the stake holes in your truck bed, the MK294R stake hole mount from the FireStik Antenna Company is a great way to securely mount any two-way radio antenna.

The MK294R mount installs in the stake hole pockets along the bed of your pickup with the cable attaching to the top of the mount. CB Radio antennas with 3/8" x 24 threaded ferrules easily screw into the top of the mount for a simple, clean looking install.

The FireStik MK294R is a sturdy mount that can hold up to 4 foot antennas safely. The MK294R mount accepts any 3/8 x 24 threaded CB antennas. A CB antenna spring is recommended for use with this mount.

The PL259 connector supplied with the MK294R is loose and will require soldering to complete the coax termination. The loose connector allows easier routing of the coax, requiring a 0.375 inch hole to thread the cable to the radio antenna connector.

Antennas shorter than 4 feet tall are not recommended for mounting behind the pickup cab as this is known to cause extremely high SWR, making antenna tuning difficult if not impossible.

The FireStik pickup stake hole mini-kit is a great match for any four foot tall antenna with 3/8x24 threaded ferrule.

Professional grade Fire-Flex coaxial cable in the recommended 18 foot length with Fire-Ring connector makes the MK294R a complete mini-kit.

Product features

  • Available In Kit or the Mount Alone (SS294)
  • Stainless Steel
  • No Holes to Drill, Locks into Stake Hole on Either Side
  • Strong enough to Support 4 foot tall Antennas
  • Stack Hole Surface Must be Fairly Flat because of no Angular Adjustments on the Mount
  • Because of SWR Reflection from the Back of the Cab, four foot tall Antennas are Recommended
  • Can be Mounted in Single or Dual Configuration
  • Coax cable 1 year warranty, SS mount 2 Year Warranty

CB Antenna Mount

Mount Type:
Stake Hole Mount
Thread Type:
3/8" x 24
Great product. Easy to install. Cable length is just right for the route I took to get to the front of the cab in my 2013 RAM 1500. I couldn't be happier with the product, the packaging, the shipping, or the service. Highest recommendations!
Installed quickly and easily. Decent install procedures. Good fit, just wish there was an adjustment to level it with the truck bed. Going to have to make my own shims to level it out from the angle of the bed.
The mount worked great! Plenty of cable and was very secure in the stake hole with my 4 ft antenna, only complaint would be attaching the coax cable connecter to the cable and the solder gun part, figured out away to connect without solder gun thankfully but very pleased with everything else!
Great item! It was very fast and easy to install...
Installed within minutes using the one screw method shown on the instruction, in the stake hole. Had to move it around for the bottom plate to catch both lips of the stake hole. Ran the cable along frame with existing wiring into a rubber grommet, already in place in my 12 F150 firewall, and right into the cab. Had about a foot of wire left once I reached the CB. The connector was easy to install with a pencil type solder gun. Very good product and would recommend to anyone with some type of mechnical or electrical skill.
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