FireStik MURS16 QuarterWave MURS VHF Antenna

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This quarter-wave antenna is designed for the 151 to 154 MHz multi-use radio service band.  This antenna uses the same high quality materials and proven antenna knowledge Firestik uses for all their antennas.  It also has the same bare-hands tuneable tip that the Firestik FS series CB antenna have.  At just over 15" tall (without spring) and 1/2" at it's widest point, this antenna is low profile.  It is compatible with any Firesik mounts or accessories or other brands that are threaded 3/8" x 24. 


The MURS16 is designed for use on 151 to 154 MHz  With an adequate ground plane, it will operate in this range with a 1.5:1 or better SWR.  Testing has shown this antenna will operate in the 138.200 to 171.720 MHz range with an SWR of 2.0:1 or better. 


The MURS16 is constructed in America from high quality American parts. The core is a solid 3/8" fiberglass rod.  It is hand wound with 19 gauge copper wire and mounted on a 3/8" x 24 threaded base.  The optional spring is also American made stainless steel. 


If you are going to use this antenna with a spring, it needs to be purchased with that option.  The antenna length is modified for the spring.  If you attempt to use the MURS16-B with a spring rather than going with the optional spring, MURS16S-B, the SWR will be extremely high. 




Approximate Length:
  • Less than 2 Ft.
Antenna Type:
Mount Type:
  • 3/8 inch x 24


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