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RMB1 Replacement CB Microphone Hanger Button

FireStik RMB1 - CB Microphone Hanger Button

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Let’s face facts. Plastic parts weaken overtime and can break. The FireStik RMB1 CB microphone hanger button is built tough. Crafted from aluminum and designed for rugged use, the FireStik RMB1 won’t snap under duress. Has your radio microphone been dropped? Are you annoyed with not being able to hang your microphone up? Do you hate fumbling to find the mic, when you could be answering that call on the radio? Don’t replace the microphone, replace the mic hanger button.

The RMB1 is one well thought out replacement part that fits most radio microphones. For some microphones custom trimming of the attachment screw to the correct length may be required. Sized for a mated fit with common stamped hanger plates it will work seamlessly with many microphone hangers. The black anodized coating of the FireStik RMB1 CB microphone hanger button blends well with factory and aftermarket radio mics. A complete solution to the broken microphone hanger button dilemma. The RMB1 from FireStik Antenna Company, one tough part designed not to snap under pressure.

Product Features

  • Black anodized coating
  • Built Much Tougher than the Factory Fragile buttons
  • Made from Aluminum not Plastic
  • Fits Virtually all Microphones
  • Button is Reversible to Compensate for Varying Depths
  • Screw length can be customized to fit microphone
  • Includes screw, nut, and washer for mounting
Read the reviews of some. Not sure what the were expecting from a CB mic button. I ordered these and they work flawlessly. They were inexpensive and made of aluminum. The head of the screw went flush with the button top. Some other reviewer said it did not. I am guessing they mounted it backwards or the design was refined with more counter sink. Easy, easy install. I highly recommend this product to those needing a new button on their mic.
Broke the button on my Cobra 29. Knew I had seen these before, but never used one. Worked like a CHAMP! Best of all, the aluminum is miles and miles tougher than the stock plastic.
I thought I was going to have to buy a new mic til I found this little guy. Replaced the broken button on my mic perfectly!
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