FireStik 5/8 Wave Road Pal CB Antenna

FireStik RPX - 5/8 Wave Road Pal CB Antenna

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FireStik 5/8 Wave Road Pal CB Antennas are high performance low cost replacement CB antennas.

On those rare occasions the stars align and a perfect storm erupts. The FireStik Antenna Company hit a home run with their Road Pal Flexible fiberglass whip antennas. The right combination of high quality materials, superior workmanship, and expertise coming together with the ultimate goal to keep costs low for consumers! The Road Pal is a genuine FireStik antenna not a Chinese knockoff and they’re still built in the U.S.A. just like the original FireStik antennas.

Road Pal antennas are fully compatible with any motor vehicle new and older. And Road Pal antennas function in both single and co-phased installs. Road Pal antennas are built to perform with all newer and legacy CB radios. Just tune your radio/Road Pal combination for lowest attainable SWR and you’ll be ready to hit the airwaves, with a little extra gas money.

The top loaded coil on Road Pal antennas maximize the capabilities or your radio and are N.O.A.A. Weather station and alert receive ready. If you’re CB can tune in N.O.A.A. frequencies the FireStik® Road Pal will pull the signal in for you to stay alert to changing weather conditions.

Road Pal antennas are threaded with standard 3/8x24 ferrule for compatibly with popular antenna mounts and accessories.

CB World’s customers have been impressed with the performance and quality of FireStik’s Road Pal CB antenna – try one with your CB system for a low cost without guilt antenna.

27 MHz CB radio
N.O.A.A. National Weather frequencies

Compatible with all 3/8x24 threaded mounts & accessories, and all new to legacy CB radios with SO239 antenna connection.

Available in 3 or 4 foot antenna lengths and choice of Red, White, or Black antenna colors

A quality antenna spring is one accessory that you should not leave home without. A heavy duty antenna spring offers the ultimate shock protection for your Road Pal CB antenna.

High quality RG58A/U, mini 8, or RG59 coax is recommended for best performance with the FireStik® 5/8 wave CB antenna. Be sure to choose the correct termination for you individual antenna application.

Tune your antenna
Field tuning of the FireStik Road Pal is recommended once the antenna is installed in a semi-permanent location with all accessories attached. CB World takes the mystery out of how to get the lowest possible SWR – refer to our complete antenna tuning guide for all the details.

Power handling
275 watt power rating with 3 foot whip
375 watt power rating with 4 foot whip

Product features

  • Ground plane dependent light-weight Fiberglass whip antenna
  • 5/8 wave for outstanding performance
  • Top loaded coil design
  • 3 or 4 foot whip lengths
  • Red, Blake, and White mast colors
  • Suited to single or dual antenna use
  • field tunable for lowest possible SWR setting across all channels
  • Water tight, UV sleeve for extended service life
  • 100% American made, with 100% American materials
  • 5 year limited warranty


Approximate Length:
  • 3 Ft.
  • 4 Ft.
Antenna Type:
Mount Type:
  • 3/8 inch x 24
Great product, Worked out of the box. Thanks for fast shipping and great product.
I have a 8' stainless steel whip, but wanted a shorter antenna when hunting season ended. I put this RP3 on my spring and checked the SWR. Out of the box it was baely over a 1 swr on channel 1 and about a 1.4 on channel 40. That is better than my 8' whip which is a little less than 2. I have no regrets with this product and it will do what I bought it for, especially for 9 bucks.
Very happy with the product and with CB World. I appreciate the easy purchase process and the clear, proactive communication and emails that followed up. I highly recommend this vendor and would buy from them again. A real pleasure. Thank you!
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