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SS294A Pickup Truck Stake Hole CB Antenna Mount

SS294A - FireStik Pickup Truck Stake Hole CB Antenna Mount

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The FireStik SS294A Pickup Truck Stake Hole CB Antenna Mount is the answer to installing a CB antenna if a classic fender mount is not offered for your model truck.

The FireStik SS294A will handily support mobile antennas up to 4 feet (1.2 meters) in height. The standard 3/8x24 threaded antenna stud will accept antenna springs and quick disconnects allowing maximum versatility in your antenna system.

The SS294A locks onto any pickup truck Stake Hole with no drilling required. The coax for the antenna feeds out the bottom of the Stake Hole, or access hole in the side.

The SS294A over rail mount can be used with single or dual antenna set-ups. The use of 4 foot antenna(s) is recommended when installing in Stake Holes directly behind the truck cab. This will minimize metallic reflection which can make antenna tuning very difficult. Be sure to correctly tune your antenna for lowest SWR as part of your installation.

If you don’t have inside access to the Stake Hole on your pickup, the FireStik® MK294 Kit is a recommended option.

Four foot tall antennas are recommended for use with the SS294A to allow clearance over the truck cab.

The FireStik® Antenna Company recommends 18 feet of RG58A/U or RG59A/U coaxial cable for use with the SS294 “over rail” Stake Hole mount. This will ensure the best radio to antenna performance possible.

Product features

  • Available Alone or in a Kit (MK294)
  • Stainless Steel Design
  • No Holes to Drill, Locks into Stake Hole on Either Side
  • Strong enough to Support 48 inch Long Antennas
  • Stack Hole Surface Must be Fairly Flat because of no Angular Adjustments on the Mount
  • Because of SWR Reflection from the Back Cab, 4 foot Antennas are Recommended
  • Can be Mounted in Single or Dual Configuration
  • 2 Year Warranty

CB Antenna Mount

Mount Type:
Stake Hole Mount
Thread Type:
3/8" x 24
The mount fit snug but perfectly in the truck stake hole, and tightens up securely. It is the perfect solution for a truck mount, and very well built and designed.
The best antenna mount I've used. Easy install. Fast service. CB World comes highly recommended by me.
Work great but were a little hard to get installed in the front stake holes in my 2008 silveradio with bush whacker bed caps. I had to turn the bottom and top pieces to where the long part ran across instead of forward and back. And due to the angle of the bed my 3' firestick antenna lean outward a little bit by 10 degrees or so. I am happy and would take this over drilling, but none the less I would like to see a forward, back, left, and right adjustment on this mount. It grounds well and everything runs under 1.5 with it. And that is with my top plate laying on plastic only.
Very easy installation on the front stake pockets of my 2014 Sierra 1500. No holes needed, cables were routed through existing holes and the bulkhead cableway on my cab. Clean and solid install. Depending on your stake pocket, you might have to rotate the lower plate 90 degrees to fit.

There is no need to over-tighten the screws, it holds plenty tight without stripping the screw holes. Combined with a 4ft Firestick Firefly antenna and a fold over mount my SWR is under 1.3 on all 40 channels with no extra grounding wire. If you use a base loaded antenna your SWR will be higher (I tried) and a 2ft Firestick can be used, but my SWR was never below 1.5 on 19, and was over 3 on 1 and 40. Just like they said, the cab interferes with shorter antennas...
This CB antenna mount turned out to be exactly what I needed. I didn't want to drill any holes in my Chevy, so this worked out great. I used it to mount a 4 foot Firestik. The SWR was pretty decent.
This product is going to serve My purpose very well. It works as advertised on My 95 Ford F150. I am using the stake hole mount for a 2 meter ham antenna that is smaller, lighter, and has less wind resistance than the average CB antenna so no problems anticipated with this mount in the future. The product design is more than adequate for My purpose.
This is a great mount for a pickup truck. It fits any stake bed hole fairly easy. I have a drop in bed liner so, all I had to do was pop off the cover from the hole area, tighten mount and antenna fittings, attach my coax cable and screw tight the 4 screws to clamp it then, I was finished. I also put a 3/4" hole in the cover removed earlier and was able to reinstall it over the mount for a super clean installation.
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