SS3M Medium Duty Stainless Steel Springs

SS3M - FireStik Medium DutySprings

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FireStik SS3M medium duty stainless steel springs are designed to reduce vibration and risk of damage. Antenna and mount protecting springs can save you from the aggravating experience of shattering a fiberglass antenna.

It never falls a low hanging tree limb swoops down to attack your antenna and bam-o, now you have no two-way comms! But worse not only is your CB antenna ruined, but your antenna mount, and half of your fender is also destroyed! What was supposed to be fun trip has suddenly turned very, very expensive.

Be sure to protect your precisely tuned two-way radio antenna, antenna mount, and vehicle body for inadvertent damage.

Stainless steel – low profile for 2 and 3 foot fiberglass antennas

Firestik® medium duty springs are designed to be used with 2 foot FS, 2ft KW, 3 foot Firefly or 3 foot Road Pal antennas. For taller antennas, up to 5 feet, use a heavy duty spring. The SS3M springs are made from long lasting, top grade electro-polished stainless steel. The upper and lower inserts are made of chrome-plated machine brass and have standard 3/8"-24 threads to fit all 3/8" x 24 threaded CB antennas. Each spring is about 3.0" (76mm) tall with a diameter of 0.800" (20mm).

You can find more information on CB antenna springs from CB World’s complete antenna spring guide.

Product features

  • Top Grade Electro-Polished Stainless Steel
  • Inserts Made of Chrome Plated Machine Brass
  • Standard 3/8" X 24 Threads
  • Strong enough for antennas up to 3 feet tall
  • Spring Dimensions: 3 inches tall with a Diameter of 0.8 inches
  • Still made in America!
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty
I used one of these springs with a 4 foot Firestix antenna. On the freeway, the antenna would lay back almost horizontal, and on rough patches of road it would flop the antenna constantly, banging on the back window, brake light mount, and the corner of my Jeep top. I found it works much better to not use a spring, just use a flex antenna.
Every thing was perfect except for the Medium duty spring. Its not strong enough to hold the 3 foot Firestick antenna, As it said it would in the literature, The antenna flops around in the wind and doesn't stay up straight. I dug up an old spring from an 8 foot whip I had on another vehicle, and it seems to do the trick
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