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Galaxy CB Radios

Galaxy CB radios are some of the highest quality radios available. They hold their radios up to such a high standard that they insist on taking care of any warranty issues directly. We have never had an unsatisfied customer with a one of these radios.

If you are looking for a radio with SSB, Galaxy has some great ones like the DX959 and DX979.  The DX959 in particular is our most popular Galaxy radio.  In addition to upper and lower side band, it offers a frequency counter, talkback, clarifier, built in SWR meter, and other outstanding features.  If you are serious about your CB radio, Galaxy is the way to go.

For a more basic (and slightly smaller) model, Galaxy came out with the DX929.  While it doesn't have SSB, a frequency counter, or some of the "luxury" features of the higher-end models, it does maintain Galaxy's high standards for quality.

We carry all current Galaxy CB models. If you have decided on this brand, please use the filters to the right and/or browse below. If you are still deciding, have a look at our CB radio buying guide. If you need help installing your new radio, we recommend reading our handy guide on how to install a CB radio.


The DX 959 is one of the most popular radios from Galaxy.  It has all the same great features as the DX 949, including built in SWR meter, RF gain, lighted face with adjustable brightness, and talkback, plus a 5 digit frequency counter. 

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This is one of the few base station CB radios still being manfacturered.  This radio is intened for fixed, location use.  Unlike mobile CB raidios, this unit operates on 110V electricity. 

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The DX 979 CB radio from Galaxy was designed to offer a wide range of features in a smaller chassis.  It truely is suprising how many features they fit into a 7.25" chassis.  Pick one of these up and you won't be sorry!


This feature packed Galaxy CB radio offers mic gain, built in SWR meter, RF gain, lighted face with adjustable brightness, talkback, and more! 

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The Galaxy DX 939 CB radio is packed with features.  These include RF gain, mic gain, RF power, talkback, built in SWR, PA and even more!  Galaxy is know to produce high quality CB radios. 

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This Galaxy CB Radio was released after several of Galaxy's other models when a smaller radio was requested from them.  Not willing to comprimise on quality, this radio was packed with essential features liek RF gain, noise blanker, and a built in SWR meter. 


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