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Galaxy DX 979 SSB CB Radio

Galaxy DX979 - SSB CB Radio

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Galaxy DX 979 40 channel AM/SSB CB Radio is one of the slimmest radios on the market today at a nominal 7.25 inches wide.

The Galaxy DX979 offers a full range of features in a compact fit anywhere chassis. Single side band capability on both LSB/USB modes, talkback, variable mic and RF gain and a pleasing blue backlit display won’t fatigue your eyes while driving at night. The variable power output is a nice addition that you won’t find on many mobile CB radios. A large full feature meter rounds out the feature set on the DX979.

Once you purchase the Galaxy DX979 radio and get it installed, you’ll see for yourself the features and quality that make Galaxy radios in demand by leading professional drivers.

DX 979 Features:

  • New Smaller Chassis Design
  • Backlit Front Panel for Ease of Reading
  • AM/LSB/USB Modes
  • Front Panel Standard 4 Pin Mic Jack
  • Variable Power Output Control
  • Adjustable Dimmer Control
  • Large Meter With Scales For
    • Signal Strength
    • Power Output
    • Modulation
    • SWR
  • Adjustable Talkback Circuit
  • Variable Mic-Gain and RF-Gain Controls
  • Automatic SWR Circuit
  • High SWR Alert Circuit
  • Frequency Counter Jack on Back
  • Service manual Available On-Line
  • Two year warranty

What’s included in the box:

  • DX979 CB Radio
  • CB Microphone
  • CB Mounting bracket and hardware
  • Power cable
  • Owner's manual

Installation notes:

  • Size: 7 1/4” (W) x 9 1/4” (D) x 2 1/8” (H)
  • This is a large sized radio. It is recommended for vehicles with a little extra space
  • The DX979 includes a mounting bracket with 2 5mm thumb screws for mounting.
  • The power cable for this CB radio is detachable for easier installationThis is the newer version of the Galaxy DX979 radio with blue meter and channel readout. PLEASE NOTE

CB Radios

CB Radio Size:
Mid Sized
  • SWR Meter
  • RF Gain
  • PA Speaker Out
  • Microphone Gain
  • SSB
  • Talkback
  • Antenna Warning

Owner's Manual (DX979manual.pdf, 479 Kb) [Download]

This CB purchase is the replacement rig for my dead Uniden PC122XL, which until it's demise was a great radio. It, however, is no longer produced - Enter the Galaxy DX 979. This new radio is the smallest SSB capable unit that I could find, and that is important to me since my little Ford Ranger 4X4 does not have a lot of room for one. The PC122XL fit perfectly, the DX 979 is noticeably larger and more conspicuous, but is less so than a Cobra 148GTL, which I tried before the PC122XL (it was just too frigging big).Note that this review is for a completely stock (unmodified) unit. The Galaxy's receive audio is plenty loud in the cab while driving, and the display is bright enough to see during the day, which is tough for other units to sometimes pull off. Maybe I was just used to my old Uniden, but the Galaxy's microphone feels awkward in my hand. Keying up the mic seems less sure and requires more of a deliberate act than the Uniden did. I used it on a 2-1/2 hour interstate highway drive the other day, and it seems to have performed well. Those that I could hear could hear me, and that's the most important thing. I have not talked to anyone on side band yet due to so few people using it these days, but from what I've read these units drift a bit on side band until the rig is fully warmed up. I can't confirm that (yet), and it doesn't seem like a big deal anyway.It's nice seeing a REAL meter on a radio for a change. Seems to work well, and for that matter, so does everything else on the radio with one "possible" exception. The SWR mode is suppose to be calibration free - You just switch it to SWR mode and the meter is suppose to reflect your combination's Standing Wave Ratio. Well, along with this new radio I also installed a new 4' Firestick antenna atop my roll bar as well. I adjusted the antennas screw tip up a few turns away from bottoming out and gave the radio a quick transmit to check SWRs. The needle did not move. It's hard for me to believe that my new setup is perfect right off the bat, and come to think of it I've always had SOME deflection on every rig I've ever tested. It's likely that the SWR test mode is not working on this radio, but the "High SWR Warning Light" on the radio did not light up, so I went with it on a semi limited use basis until I check it with an in-line SWR meter. So the jury is still out on SWR meter mode, otherwise the DX 979 gets a thumbs up from me (so far). I just wish it were the size of my ol' PC122XL...
I'm using this radio as a base station. It is quite the radio. Some have questioned the rheostats or knobs but I feel the quality is very adequate. The radio doesn't have a frequency counter but the remote counter comes with the sixth digit which is more useful than the 5 digit that comes stock on the 959. The SWR meter is easier to view than the Cobra. This radio is small compared to most so if you have sausage fingers you may want something larger. I haven't used the SSB yet so I don't know if it drifts. So far this is one fantastic radio that can be modded very easily! ENJOY
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